Birthdays from March 31 to April 6

March 31, 2008 5:56am

April 1: Jean-Michel Bayle was one of the most talented riders to ever put a leg over a motorcycle. In 1988, Bayle won the FIM 125cc Motocross World Championship, and then the 250cc World Championship in 1989. After that, he decided to come to America to race against the best riders in the world. In 1991, only his second full season in America, Bayle became the first and only rider ever to win the 250cc Supercross and 250cc and 500cc Outdoor National MX Championships all in the same season. Apparently, he thought MX was too easy, so he went road racing.

April 1: Loretta Lynn’s alumni, Michael Baker.

April 2: In the late ‘90s, Tallon Vohland was a top Grand Prix rider and battled with the likes of Stefan Everts and Marnicq Bervoets week-in and week-out. Vohland never won a title over there, but he did win some races. In 1999, he came back to the states and won his first-ever Outdoor National at Budds Creek. In 2000, while riding for Mitch Payton’s team, he won the Anaheim 125cc Supercross. Injuries would follow, though, and Tallon decided to retire. Now, Vohland is the Pro Racing Manager for Acerbis and Scott USA.

April 3: This year, Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Brock Sellards was a top contender for the Arenacross Championship. Sellards won five races but came up a little short and had to settle for third in the overall points.

April 3: Former Factory Suzuki rider Phil Lawrence.

April 3: Charlie "Hot Rod" Mullins is considered the future star of the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series. The Ohio rider turns 22 and is already a major threat for the GNCC crown, winning round two of the 2008 Series aboard his FMF Suzuki RM250.

April 3: Helmet House’s National Marketing Manager Richard Kimes.

April 4: In 2000, Shae Bentley, David Pingree, and Greg Schnell battled in what would be one of the most memorable 125cc West Coast Supercross Championships that we have seen. Bentley would come out on top, winning the championship by two points over Ping. Injuries and illness followed, and Shae was forced into retirement early. Even though his career was cut short, he still has that championship trophy.

April 4: Loretta Lynn’s alumni, David Dishman.

April 4: FMX Rider Dustin Nowak.

April 5: The name Ryan Hughes is synonymous with heart and determination. Hughes wasn’t the most talented guy who ever raced a motorcycle, but he always gave it 100% every time he was out on the track, and the fans loved him for it. Since retiring, Ryno has taken on a new role as a trainer for Josh Hill and Jason Lawrence. Things are obviously going really good because J-law is in the points lead in the Lites West and Hill just won his first Supercross main event in Minneapolis.

April 5: GNCC competitor, Russell Bauer.

April 5: Avid Racer X reader, Thomas Noble.

April 6: DeCal Works' Nic Wright.

April 6: DeCal Works' Todd Foster.

April 6: Avid Racer X reader Benny Cafaro.

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