Pala Raceway Update

March 27, 2008 7:03am

Welcome to the Pala Raceway Report. We will try and keep you informed of the construction process of the Pala Raceway with regular updates. Also check back for updates on  on a regular basis for updates.

Construction Update 3/24/2008:

Week seven of construction went good as the preparation for track building continues with its progress. A large area of track dirt was excavated and moved onto the area where the Vet track will be built. As the week came to a close the sub grade on the remainder of the Pro track was being cut and will be filled back up with track dirt. A few truck loads of old concrete foundations and chain link fencing were taken off site as well this past week as the site is being cleared of the remnants of the mining operation. 


While the mass grading is going on the site is a closed site and no one besides authorized personal will be allowed on site due to the dangerous nature of the construction site. Please do not try and come out to the site, security will not let you through the front gate unless you are chaperoned by a member of the Pala Raceway Staff. Once the mass grading is done and the track building crews are on site we will begin offering site tours. We will be installing a web cam as soon as electricity is readily available on the site so you can view what is happening on the site. We will let you know when it goes live so you can keep updated on our progress.

The cap of track dirt where the Vet track will be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that our staff receives on a daily basis, hopefully if you had the same questions we can answer them here.

Is Pala Raceway Open/or when is Pala Raceway Opening?
This is the main question that we get asked everyday. We know everyone is excited and can’t wait to ride laps at Pala Raceway, but we still do not have an exact date for our Grand Opening. We feel we are making great progress and we are optimistic in the timeline, but with any construction project and especially one of this size; any number of things could cause a delay that would force a change of the Grand Opening date. We will have a date decided once we are confident that we will be able to meet that deadline. Everyone will be notified once a date is chosen.

Dozer pushing through an area of track dirt.

Who do I talk to about Employment at Pala Raceway?
Pala Raceway is not currently hiring for day to day operations, the current construction crews is a contracted grading company that is handling this phase of Earth work. Pala Raceway will post job openings for future roles in May, with resumes and job interviews taking place soon after. If you are interested in working for Pala Raceway check here for job openings: If you would like to be considered and contacted once we begin the hiring process send your resumes to

A giant pit of track dirt is being excavated and transported to the Pro track and Vet track areas.

My company wants to advertise at Pala Raceway?
We will have many advertising opportunities for companies large and small. We are still developing all of our packages that will be available once we get closer to our Grand Opening. We will be offering a lot of cross promotion opportunities that allow for large scale advertising and one on one advertising that will benefit your company. To be contacted by our marketing staff once our advertising packages are available please contact

How much are the Factory Memberships going to cost?
We are still setting the price point for the Factory Memberships; we are still determining all of the added benefits that will be available for the Factory Members once we open. We will have a price point determined once we get closer to our grand opening.

The first bike in the collection for the future Pala Raceway Motocross Museumm, a 1973 Honda Elsinore CR250.

Can I come out to the track and check it out?
We are still not accepting visitors on site due to the dangerous nature of the site and Grading Contractor’s need for unobstructed work areas for safety and for speed. Once the building of tracks begins we will organize small tours of the site for those that are interested.