Red Bull Launches Simply Cola

Why? Ask yourself why not?

In 1984 Dietrich Mateschitz came across a small energy tonic in South East Asia and had a dream of launching the product to the Western World. Red Bull Energy Drink was created and the rest is history.

However, few people know that around the same time of Red Bull’s conception, Mateschitz had another idea.  His vision was that one day he would produce a cola better than any other cola he had ever tasted, better than any that he loved from his childhood. A premium and 100% natural cola. The packaging design has been locked in his safe for nearly 20 years, waiting for this day.

The result is not just any cola. But a cola of a special kind - strong and natural. Red Bull Cola tastes extraordinarily refreshing thanks to its special composition of ingredients, all from 100% natural sources.

It is the only cola which contains both the original Kola nut and the Coca leaf.

Red Bull Cola has no preservatives, phosphoric acid or artificial flavors. And although it’s taken nearly 20 years, unlike other colas, there’s no secret formula, just simple, natural products that are of the highest quality.

Red Bull Cola will initially be launched seven countries: UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Russia and the USA (starting this June in Las Vegas).  In the US, Red Bull Cola will be available in the 8.4 oz can in bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In grocery and convenience stores, Red Bull Cola will be available in 12 oz cans and 12 oz four-packs.