Jean-Michel Bayle Replica Helmet

On Sunday afternoon, March 5, 1989, a young Grand Prix rider showed up at the opening round of the 1989 AMA 250cc National Championship at Gainesville, Florida. Aboard a modified production Honda CR250, he won the race, and in the process, stunned the American contingent by beating the U.S. riders on their home soil.  It was the first time such a feat had been accomplished in nearly a decade. Bayle then immediately returned home to Europe and won the 250cc World Championship. In 1990, he came back to the United States of America and came within seven points of winning the Supercross Championship. 

Then, in 1991, Jean-Michel won the Supercross title, the 250 Outdoor and the 500 outdoor Championships, becoming the first ever rider to do so in a single year. Jean-Michel Bayle was a revolutionary in every sense of the word — a true pioneer who came to America on his own and single handedly beat the then omnipotent Americans at their own game. 

It was an extraordinary feat accomplished by an extraordinary individual. To commemorate Jean Michel Bayle’s legendary achievement, One Industries proudly presents the limited edition JMB Replica Trooper helmet.

“We created the JMB replica to commemorate the amazing talent and dedication of Jean-Michel Bayle and what he did in the sport,” says Danny Dobey, One Industries brand manager. “JMB left his family and personal life behind him to come to America and try to fulfill his dream of becoming a Supercross champion. And he made his dream a reality. What he did was prove that through hard work, determination and dedication, any rider, no matter who he is or where he is from, can achieve his dreams, goals and ambitions.”

The JMB Replica boasts a Kevlar reinforced fiberglass shell that offers the highest quality while minimizing weight and optimizing balance. State of the art venting chambers allow air to circulate around the rider’s head, jettisoning hot, damp air and replacing it with cool, fresh air. All things considered, the One Industries JMB Replica incorporates innovative technologies to lessen weight and increase comfort, all things tantamount in reducing rider fatigue.

The JMB replica is an extremely limited edition offering from One Industries. Shipping begins the first week of April 2008 and only 150 are left from the production. For more information on the JMB Replica, please visit and contact your local dealer.