SUSO MVR-D Suzuki Press Bulletin

Team SUSO MVR-D Suzuki would like to set the record straight after what was a disastrous start to our British Championship campaign at Donington Park last weekend.

There was an issue with tyres and wheels which has now been fully looked into and the problem solved. The tyres supplied by Goldentyre have been extensively tested by the team with great results including the new tubeless system.

The team has tested and raced with no problems what so ever, at Donington it was human error that was at fault not the product, it was certainly a day to forget.

Team Manager - Mark Chamberlain

"I have to take the blame for what happened at the first round as I made the call on what to use. We have tested throughout the off season and the feedback from all riders has been positive.”

The confusion at Donington was that it said tubeless on the side of the tyre as this is the mould for the future production of the tubeless tyre. I made a mistake and I apologise to our sponsors and riders for what happened.

SUSO MVR-D Suzuki and Goldentyre are now working hard to put things right and make sure we never have a mix up like this again. I strongly believe in Goldentyre as a product and the tubeless system, it was purely a mistake but one that has cost us dearly.

Jason's second race DNF was unrelated as a stone got caught in his chain guide and it derailed it. It was a frustrating weekend all round and we are all determined to put things right in the coming weeks.

I'd like to thank everyone involved with the team as the amount of hard work that has gone in is second to none to get us on the race track with what is a limited budget at this level. I'm convinced the riders will make it all worthwhile and the team’s true potential will push them to the forefront of motocross in the UK and Europe".