eBay Charity Auction

Metal Mulisha generously donated some autographed gear to me and my family to put up for our charity auction (we have Faisst up now and Deegan's still available as well). I'm having trouble getting it seen by true MX fans. I'm an industry photog who broke my back and have had multiple surgeries and then adding to it fighting through other illnesses and being a Mom who was self employed.  Metal Mulisha have been supportive and awesome to us as we were both friends and my son and I both photographed them!  The gear is sick and on ebay now but less then 3 days left! We need help pretty fast if anyone is interested. The open bid is lower then the gear cost sadly but we need this to sell! Hope you or your friends might be into it! Please check it out and tell your friends so we can get these items in the hands of some true fans! We appreciate your help as well.  We've been humbled by this experience. 
To learn more about our auction check the item out on ebay here and about our auction

Hope it interests you!!
Thanks again for your help and many blessings to you all and good health!