Bike Stolen in PA


Dear Fellow MX Participant,
I would deeply appreciate any effort in helping to recover my son's 2007 Suzuki RM-Z250 stolen on Thursday 3/6/08 at around 1:00 P.M. from our house in Boothwyn, PA. I am writing you as we feel it is fairly likely that the bike will show up on a practice or race day at a track somewhere in the region. We are sending out an email to every track in the surrounding districts that we can contact and would sincerely appreciate your efforts in spreading the word. We are offering a $500 Reward for information resulting in the bike's recovery and/or the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.
Some identifiable non-stock features of the bike may include (if not removed):

#11 number plates white on black
Red fuel screw on the bottom of the carb.
Boyenson "Quick Shot" accelerator pump cover w/ small Boyenson sticker on the left side of carb.
New RK Gold racing chain and Renthal 47 tooth (stock is 48) rear sprocket (had small factory Renthal sticker)
Blue gas tank vent tube
Blue Diamond MX track sticker on rear fender
The VIN is: JS1RJ41C 672102660
The engine # is: J442-104239
Please contact me at the number below or Detective Montgomery of the Upper Chichester Police department with any information that may help us at 610-485-8400.
Thank you for any help you can provide. My son Ryan would thank you the most. We hope you have a productive and rewarding 2008 racing season.
Bob Averell
610-405-2691 (cell)