RYDCO PowerSports Pre-Launches Website

March 13, 2008 10:28am

Monroe WA: RYDCO Powersports pre-launched there new website to the public March 13, 2008. The site will be fully live March 17th with all products being up and running by April 1st. Right now you we are offering the first 2000 members a discount on their yearly membership fee. The small membership fee goes to paying overhead, buying at larger quantities, getting special deals and allowing for low margins so we can pass the savings on to our members.

“Who has not heard or Costco Wholesale” said Scot Steffy President of RYDCO Powersports. They have used this concept for over 20 years to pass the savings on to their members. Our site is a little different in the way we approach our inventory. We want to make money like the next guy but in this slow economy we need to all band together to save. We have put together a program that allows members from all across the U.S. to join for a very small amount of money a year, but save huge over the entire year. This is not just close out items we are talking about current new products. We currently have over 75000 part numbers and will be over 150,000 in the next 8 weeks.

We have launched the site to allow the first 2000 members to buy in at a low introductory price of $39.99 this price for the first 2000 members will never go up this is for life. This is our way of thanking the original members for helping get this dream off the ground.

For more info in RYDCO PowerSports go to www.rydcopowersports.com

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