New from SixSixOne

SIXSIXONE now has a complete line of underwear for those riders who want to put a small amount of fabric between the body and the gear they wear. SIXSIXONE Underliners are manufactured using thin Stretch Lycra material. This fabric is more durable than regular undergarments, yet still provides the positive “compression” effects that undergarments are recognized for. A wide comfortable knit waist band keeps the Underliner shorts in place without binding.

Underliners are great for wearing under any type or brand of gear. They provide an excellent barrier against chaffing from wearing a chest protector, pressure suit or even a neck brace.

SIXSIXONE Underliners are now available for sale at a dealer near you, or at  The suggested retail price is $49.95 for the Underliner short and $59.95 for the Underliner top.

Available sizes are small, mediem, large and extra large.