KTM Motorcycle Flywheel for ‘07/’08 SX-F and XC-F

Date: March 2008

Trail Tech has released a new flywheel fitting the following KTM motorcycle models:

2007 250/450/505 SX-F
2007 505/560 SMR
2008 250/450/505 SX-F
2008 450/505 XC-F 

The new Trail Tech flywheel has a finish weight of 23 ounces (652 grams); the additional 8 ounces over stock* provides an increase in torque and tractability for the machine.   A boost in magnet strength increases the electrical system output by 20 watts, enhancing the starting capability of the machine, and providing more charging power to the battery while riding.

Replacement of the OEM flywheel requires an OEM flywheel puller, and an impact wrench is highly recommended.  Installation time is approximately one hour.

KTM Flywheel MSRP:  $129.95

*Note:  OEM flywheel weight for ‘07/’08 SX-F, XC-F and SMR models is 15 ounces or 425 grams.

Trail Tech makes replacement flywheels for a variety of off-road motorcycles and ATVs.  Most add weight for improved traction and torque; some reduce weight so that the machines rev more quickly and have better ‘off the line’ performance.

For more information contact Trail Tech at 360 687 4530, visit the Trail Tech website http://www.trailtech.net, or contact your local motorcycle dealer.