Leticia Cline on Beauty and the Geek Tonight


A note from Leticia Cline:

Beauty and the Geek starts tonight and I can't wait. A little nervous but overall excited for you guys to take a look into my life and follow the journey of me and 17 other amazing people as we go through a pretty challenging experience. Below is a brief description of tonight's show. It airs on the CW network and starts at 8:00 p.m. ET. Hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think!

The nine new beauties arrive via Air Beauty and nine new geeks arrive via the Geek Mobile. Everyone is surprised to learn they will compete as teams of beauties vs. teams of geeks. Upon moving into the mansion and getting used to their new surroundings, the beauties are required to shed their make-up and high heels and are given a complete make-under. Once prosthetic noses and oversize sweaters are added, the girls must put their social skills to the test by trying to secure phone numbers from unsuspecting guys at a bar. The geeks find themselves in the brand new quiz room where one geek is sent home.