aFe Announces Aries AE1 Replacement Air Filters

March 11, 2008 6:57am

Corona, Ca…advanced FLOW engineering (aFe), manufacturers of revolutionary new oil-free off-road motorcycle air filters, is pleased to announce the release of their brand-new Aries AE1 replacement air filters. Aries AE1 filters are the first products to be released by aFe’s new Powersports Division.

Aries AE1 filters are completely oil-free. Not a drop of oil is used on these filters. Aries AE1 filters use the revolutionary Pro DRY S synthetic filtration media to stop dirt and debris without oil. Oil-free means no solvents or cleaners needed to clean, and no re-oiling agents needed to service. Overall it means less mess in the garage and less products to buy. Additionally, since there is no oil for the dirt to stick to, the filter shakes itself clean as you hit rocks, bumps, and jumps. The Aries AE1 is the world’s first self-cleaning filter.

The secret to Pro DRY S oil-free filtration is the engineering. aFe uses four layers of varying thickness synthetic fabric pleated between two layers of aluminum wire mesh. The result is three times more surface area than conventional foam. With three times more surface area, the air speed across the entire filter is slowed considerably without slowing overall air speed through the filter. When the air slows the dirt particles fall out of suspension and become trapped in the fibers of the filter. The result is 99.6% filtration efficiency with no loss in airflow and no need for oil.

aFe Aries replacement air filters are designed to be direct replacement filters for late-model off-road motorcycles. No modification of the motorcycle is necessary and the filters use the OE style mounting system or hardware.

Aries AE1 air filters are the World’s Easiest Filters and offer incredible convenience, less time in the garage, and more time riding. Cleaning an Aries AE1 air filter is easy. Simply wash it in warm soapy water using any common mild household detergent, then rinse it in clean water, shake most of the water out, and reinstall. Allow the filter to dry over night and ride in the morning (drying time may vary with atmospheric conditions). Additionally, with three times more surface area than foam, users can expect three times longer service intervals than foam. Users of an aFe Aries AE1 air filter should expect to clean their filter one-third as often as their foam filter. Spend more time riding and less time in the garage.

Features & Benefits:
• Direct OE replacement filter
• Pro DRY S oil-free synthetic filtration media is completely dry; uses no oil
• The easiest air filter on the market to service
• Wash in the kitchen sink with soap and water, rinse and reinstall – no oiling necessary
• No messy solvents or oils needed to service
• Dry media shakes dirt loose as you hit rocks, bumps, and jumps
• 3-times longer service intervals than foam
• The World’s Easiest Filter
• Ride More, Wrench Less
• $79.95 suggested retail

Aries AE1 replacement air filters currently available:

Part #  Application
81-10026  04-08 RM125, 03-08 RM250, 07 RMZ250, 05-08 RMZ450,
  01-02 WR250F, 98-00 WR400F, 01-02 WR426F, 97-08 YZ125, 97-08 YZ250,
  01-08 YZ250F, 98-99 YZ400F, 00-02 YZ426F, 03-08 YZ450F
81-10027  98-07 KTM most full-size models and 85-105SX models
81-10028  04-05 KX250F, 04-06 RMZ250
81-10029  03-08 WR250F, 03-08 WR450F
81-10030 00-08 DRZ400, 03-04 KLX400

More off-road motorcycle and ATV applications coming soon.

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