Red Riders Swamp Podium at Honda's Daytona SX

March 10, 2008 7:26am

Torrance, CA: Honda's Red Riders swamped the wet and muddy podium at the prestigious Daytona Supercross by Honda Friday evening, grabbing the top three spots for the second time this season and continuing Honda's race-winning dominance over the Supercross East Lites Championship.

In torrential rain and muddy conditions Torco Racing Fuels Honda's Supercross rider Kevin Windham and his Supercross East Lites teammate Trey Canard both overcame horrendous conditions to take the checkered flag on their Honda CRF race machines.

In conditions that saw many mechanical failures and riders stuck all over the track, the results speak highly of the quality and durability of Honda¹s CRF machines: Not only did Honda sweep the podium, but seven of the top ten riders in the Supercross class crossed the line on Honda's CRF450R, and three of the top five riders in the Lites class rode Honda's CRF250R.

Windham's inspiring race win on his Honda CRF450R was his first ever at the fabled Daytona race track and his second win of the season. "Daytona is a unique race," said Windham. "It is by far the toughest Supercross that we run. Tonight was the most brutal race I have ever been in my entire life.

It's something that is going to be with me always. To win it is really special to me. There is so much prestige in winning this race," Windham said.

Davi Millsap's had a terrible start in the Supercross main, rounding the first turn at the back of the pack. But the 20-year-old Honda Red Bull Racing CRF450R rider showed his conditioning and determination, passing most of the field to secure a podium spot. "I could hardly see the track," said Millsaps. "I lost my goggles and could hardly see. I got a bad start and rode smooth until half way. Then I saw K-dub in the mechanics area getting new goggles, and I fell twice on that same lap. Not sure what happened.

These were the worst conditions I have ever ridden in my life and I don't want to do it again. The race was muddy and full of water. Whenever you rolled a jump your bike disappeared under water. But good times though."

Fellow CRF450R pilot and Honda Red Bull racer, Andrew Short finished in eighth place as he battled the soggy conditions. Young Honda rider, Jacob Marsack, rode the race of his life to secure his first Supercross podium, finishing third.

Canard continued to show unstoppable form, leading the Lites race from start to finish and scoring the 17-year-old a trifecta of straight race wins in the 2008 East championship. Canard has a perfect score of winning the first three races of his professional career, and he has done so in dominant fashion, leading every lap but one in all three races on his Torco Racing Fuels Honda CRF250R.

"The water was terrible," said Canard. "I've never ridden in conditions that bad. You couldn¹t see the lines and ruts under the water. I just tried to keep the front light and keep the bike straight. The last lap was the scariest lap. I saw I had a big gap, and I slowed down but that was a mistake. There were so many sinkholes and obstacles out there. I almost lost it on the straightaway but I managed to stay up. I was pumped. I¹m so happy right now. I can¹t even describe how I feel," Canard said.

Honda Red Bull Racing's Ben Coisy fell just shy of accompanying Canard on the Lites podium, as the Frenchmen on his CRF250R lost the podium position on the final lap in the deep, muddy waters, but he still managed to finish in fourth place.

AMA Supercross Results, Daytona

1. Kevin Windham (Hon)
2. Davi Millsaps (Hon)
3. Jacob Marsack (Hon)
4. David Vuillemin (Suz)
5. Antonio Balbi (Hon)
6. Chad Reed (Yam)
7. Heath Voss (Hon)
8. Andrew Short (Hon)
9. Eric Sorby (Hon)
10 Ryan Dungey (Suz)

AMA Supercross Lites East Results, Daytona

1. Trey Canard (Hon)
2. Ryan Villopoto (Kaw)
3. Matt Boni (Hon)
4. Ben Coisey (Hon)
5. Jimmy Albertson (Suz)
6. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
7. William Browning (Suz)
8. Shane Sewell (Kaw)
9. Ricky Renner (Kaw)
10. Billy Payne (Hon)