Ponca City Qualifier Regions and Dates

The NMA sanctions and presents the premier amateur motocross series final annually in Ponca City, Oklahoma and looks forward this year’s 33rd annual event to be presented the week of July 20 through 26th, 2008. Last year’s event brought a record turnout of over 2700 qualified entries from 47 states and five foreign countries.

The track facility is situated on city property which is convenient to shopping, restaurants and lodging. The facility also has 400 electrical outlets in a campground like setting. All of the factories and over 50 after market companies with their displays are present to support the racers and the city of over 25,000 residents welcomes everyone.

The NMA rules are recognized as easily understood and fair for all ages and ability that are designed to meet with the competition race products available from the motorcycle industry. 

With the new multi year agreement with the AMBUCS and the city, NMA looks forward to continuing to present the original and largest national annual amateur motocross competition event. The 35 regions where the qualifiers are presented have been established by NMA in geographical areas that minimize the amount of travel required by racers in order to qualify for the event. Following is a listing of this year’s regions and qualifier dates and the Regional Managers of each region who conduct the events.

Alabama "Allen McWilliams, Reg. Mgr." 205-699-8857
04/27/08 Sand Mt. "Albertville, AL"
05/04/08 Millcreek MX "Pell City, AL"
05/11/08 Monster Mt. "Tallassee, Al"
06/07/08 Millcreek MX "Pell City, AL"

Alaska "Shane Woodworth, Reg. Mgr." 907-399-7486
05/24/08 Kincaid Park "Anchorage, AK"
05/25/08 Kincaid Park "Anchorage, AK"
06/14/08 Homer Track "Homer, AK"
06/15/08 Homer Track "Homer, AK"

Appalachian "Gene Stull, Reg. Mgr." 724-265-3343
04/19/08 High Point "Mt. Morris, PA"
04/20/08 High Point "Mt. Morris, PA"
04/27/08 Pleasure Valley "Armagh, PA"
05/04/08 Steel City "Delmont, PA"
05/18/08 Steel City "Delmont, PA"

Arizona "Pynne Johnson, Reg. Mgr." 928-639-0387
05/17/08 Ocotillo Raceway "Eloy, AZ"
06/14/08 Speedworld "Wittman, AZ"
06/20/08 Verde Valley Motoplex "Cottonwood, AZ"
06/21/08 Verde Valley Motoplex "Cottonwood, AZ"

Arkansas "Mike Lorenz, Reg. Mgr." 479-648-1696
04/26/08 Sundance MX "Caulksville, AR"
05/10/08 River Valley "Siloam Springs, AR"
05/24/08 Sundance MX "Caulksville, AR"
05/25/08 Haulin Hills MX "Holland, AR"
05/26/08 Tony Wynn MX "Sherwood, AR"

Blue Grass "Mike West, Reg. Mgr." 901-603-9929
04/06/08 Dry Hill Raceway "Gates, TN"
04/26/08 Meadowcreek "Crossville, TN"
04/27/08 Meadowcreek "Crossville, TN"
05/04/08 Dry Hill Raceway "Gates, TN"
06/14/08 Podium One "Charlestown, IN"
06/15/08 Podium One "Charlestown, IN"

Central "Juanita Bassinger, Reg. Mgr." 785-828-3100
04/27/08 Dragoon Motocross "Lyndon, KS"
05/18/08 Dragoon Motocross "Lyndon, KS"
05/25/08 Dragoon Motocross "Lyndon, KS"
05/26/08 Dragoon Motocross "Lyndon, KS"
06/15/08 Dragoon Motocross "Lyndon, KS"

Cimarron "Xan Robertson, Reg, Mgr." 918-652-4962
05/10/08 Sooner State Cycle Pk "Wellston, OK"
05/11/08 Sooner State Cycle Pk "Wellston, OK"
06/07/08 Woodlan Hills Off Road Park "Anadarko, OK"
06/08/08 Woodlan Hills Off Road Park "Anadarko, OK"

Dakotas "Lisa Schriock, Reg. Mgr." 701852-0245
05/04/08 Jamestown MX "Jamestown, ND"
05/11/08 Bismarck MX "Bismarck, ND"
05/18/08 Mandan MX "Mandan, ND"
06/08/08 Magic City MX Track "Ruthville, ND"

Dixie "Michael Shea, Reg. Mgr." 337-349-9937
04/20/08 Gravity Alley MX "Breaux Bridge, LA"
05/18/08 Golden Pine XM "Printiss, MX"
05/25/08 Wildwood MX "Kentwood, LA"
06/08/08 Gravity Alley MX "Breaux Bridge, LA"

Eastern "Steve Clark, Reg. Mgr." 704-484-3446
04/13/08 Myrtle Beach MX "Loris, SC"
04/19/08 Cathey's Creek MX "Forest City, NC"
04/20/08 Sand Hill MX "Chesterfield, SC"
04/27/08 Windy Hill MX "Ellerbe, NC"
05/11/08 Myrtle Beach MX "Loris, SC"

4 Corners "Angie Osborn, Reg. Mgr." 816-662-2202
05/11/08 The Farm "Indianola, IA"
05/17/08 Soaring Edge "Greenwood, NE"
05/25/08 Knobby Hill "Cosby, MO"
06/01/08 Knobby Hill "Cosby, MO"
06/08/08 Thunder Hill "Mayetta, KS"
06/15/08 Knobby Hill "Cosby, MO"

Gateway "Steve Halterman, Reg. Mgr." 660-263-4321
04/26/08 HLR Motorsports "Moberly, MO"
04/27/08 HLR Motorsports "Moberly, MO"
05/25/08 Archview MX "Washington Park, IL"
06/01/08 MXP Finger Lakes State Pk "Columbia, Mo"
06/15/08 Thunder Ridge MX "Kirksville, MO"
06/22/08 Hilltop MX "Mexico, MO"

Illinois "Leroy Harris, Reg. Mgr." 217-237-4752
05/04/08 South Fork Dirt Riders "Taylorville, IL"
05/11/08 Green Acres "Kane, Il"
05/18/08 Euro Raceway "Nashville, IL"
06/01/08 South Fork Dirt Riders "Taylorville, IL"

Iowa "Jim Koob, Reg. Mgr." 712-251-6728
05/11/08 Fiddler Creek MX Park "Homer, NE"
05/17/08 Sneldon Competition Park "Sheldon, IA"
06/07/08 Joe Dirt Motocross Park "Hinton, IA"
06/15/08 Fiddler Creek MX Park "Homer, NE"

Magnolia "Bobby Weaver, Reg. Mgr." 601-323-2719
04/26/08 Easy E's Motocross "Laurel, MS"
04/27/08 Easy E's Motocross "Laurel, MS"
05/03/08 Interlincs MX "Louisville, MS"
05/04/08 Interlincs MX "Louisville, MS"
05/24/08 Thunder Ridge "Philadelphia, MS"
05/25/08 Thunder Ridge "Philadelphia, MS"
06/07/08 Dry Creek MX "Meridian, MS"
06/08/08 Dry Creek MX "Meridian, MS"

Midwest "Vicki Kutzler, Reg. Mgr." 262-694-9392
04/27/08 Byron Motosports Park "Byron, IL"
05/11/08 Byron Motosports Park "Byron, IL"
06/01/08 Byron Motosports Park "Byron, IL"
06/29/08 Byron Motosports Park "Byron, IL"

Nebraska Steve Fritz 308-345-3744
05/03/08 Norton MX "Norton, KS"
05/04/08 Norton MX "Norton, KS"
05/25/08 Southwest NE MX "McCook, NE"
05/26/08 Southwest NE MX "McCook, NE"
06/01/08 Yucca Hills MX "Wauneta, NE"

Nev-Utah "Jim Provencher, Reg. Mgr." 702-591-7425
05/03/08 Boulder City Mx "Boulder City, NV"
05/04/08 Boulder City Mx "Boulder City, NV"
05/17/08 Boulder City Mx "Boulder City, NV"
05/18/08 Boulder City Mx "Boulder City, NV"

Norcal "Matt Lorenzo, Reg. Mgr." 415-587-8678
04/26/08 LaGrange OHV Park "LaGrange, CA"
04/27/08 LaGrange OHV Park "LaGrange, CA"
05/03/08 Salinas Sports Complex "Salinas, CA"
05/18/08 Argyll Park "Dixon, CA"
05/25/08 Hollister Hills SVRA "Hollister, CA"
06/08/08 Santa Clara MX "San Jose, CA"

No Central-E "Bruce Blake, Reg. Mgr." 616-891-9075
04/26/08 Log Road MX "Bronson, MI"
04/27/08 Log Road MX "Bronson, MI"
05/03/08 Freelin's MX "Marlette, MI"
05/04/08 Freelin's MX "Marlette, MI"
06/07/08 Milan Cycle City "Milan, MI"
06/08/08 Delta Raceway "Delta, OH"
No Central-W "Bruce Blake, Reg. Mgr." 616-891-9075
05/10/08 A.M Fulton County Raceway "Rochester, IN"
05/10/08 P.M.Fulton County Raceway "Rochester, IN"
05/11/08 Day Fulton County Raceway "Rochester, IN"
06/07/08 Grattan Raceway "Grattan, MI"
06/08/08 Grattan Raceway "Grattan, MI"

Northeast "Erv Braun, Reg. Mgr." 607-732-5154
05/24/08 Frozen Ocean "Auburn, NY"
05/25/08 Frozen Ocean "Auburn, NY"
06/21/08 Frozen Ocean "Auburn, NY"
06/22/08 Frozen Ocean "Auburn, NY"

Northwest "Lisa Weeck, Reg Mgr." 951-246-7377
06/14/08 Albany MX "Albany, OR"
06/15/08 Albany MX "Albany, OR"
06/21/08 Washougal MX "Washougal, WA"
06/22/08 Washougal MX "Washougal, WA"

Ohio "Jim Altier, Reg. Mgr." 330-881-1114
04/06/08 Lightning Raceway "Tippecanoe, OH"
05/03/08 Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway "Linesville, PA"
05/04/08 TV Land "Pierpont, OH"
06/01/08 Lightning Raceway "Tippecanoe, OH"
06/28/08 TV Land "Pierpont, OH"
06/29/08 TV Land "Pierpont, OH"

Ozark "Troy Wohlberg, Reg. Mgr." 816-456-7223
05/11/08 Midwest Extreme "Merwin, MO"
05/18/08 Grain Valley MX "Grain Valley, MO"
05/24/08 Buffalo MX "Buffalo, MO"
06/08/08 Legends Raceway "Halfway, MO"
06/14/08 Challenge Trax "Kingsville, Mo"
06/22/08 Midwest Extreme "Merwin, MO"

Rocky Mtn "Stacy Jensen, Reg. Mgr." 307-638-2226
05/04/08 Rocky Mtn Promotions "Berthoud, CO"
05/10/08 Colo Motorsports Promotions "Lakewood, CO"
05/11/08 Colo Motorsports Promotions "Lakewood, CO"
05/25/08 Cactus Promotions "Brush, CO"
06/01/08 Wild Rat Raceway "Co Springs, CO"
06/08/08 E Racing "Berthoud, CO"

Southeast "Stephanie Starling, Reg. Mgr." 386-738-7833
04/26/08 Fast Track "Cairo, GA"
04/27/08 Fast Track "Cairo, GA"
05/04/08 MX of Marion County "Reddick, FL"
05/17/08 Lazy River MX "Chatsworth, GA"
05/18/08 Lazy River MX "Chatsworth, GA"
05/25/08 Bithlo Motorsports "Bithlo, FL"

Southwest "Bill Henthorn, Reg. Mgr." 505-224-2807
05/03/08 Moriarity "Moriarity, NM"
05/04/08 Moriarity "Moriarity, NM"
05/17/08 Sandia "Albuquerque, NM"
05/18/08 Sandia "Albuquerque, NM"

Texas "Richard White, Reg. Mgr." 817-713-6789
04/26/08 Oak Hill "Decatur, TX"
05/10/08 Freestone County Raceway "Wortham, TX"
05/17/08 Nocona MX Park "Nocona, TX"
06/21/08 Austin/DelValle "DelValle, TX"
06/28/08 TBA 

Utah Ben & Robin Williams 801-985-9291
05/10/08 Cache Valley MX Park "Preston, ID"
05/11/08 Cache Valley MX Park "Preston, ID"
05/17/08 Hot Springs Raceway "Ogden, UT"
05/18/08 Hot Springs Raceway "Ogden, UT"
06/21/08 Hot Springs Raceway "Ogden, UT"
06/22/08 Hot Springs Raceway "Ogden, UT"

Viking-No Chip Donaho / Mike Christy. 651-451-8401
04/27/08 Moto City "Staples, MN"
05/11/08 RTW "Cambridge, MN"
06/01/08 Moto City "Staples, MN"
04/27/08 Motokazie "Elko, MN"
05/11/08 Midway "Kellogg, MN"
05/18/08 Motokazie "Elko, MN"
06/15/08 Midway "Kellogg, MN"

West Kansas Scott Ellis 620-482-2826
04/13/08 Tumbleweed "Dodge City, KS"
04/27/08 Green Acres "Marion, KS"
05/04/08 Johnsonville "Texhoma, OK"
05/11/08 Tumbleweed "Dodge City, KS"
06/08/08 Jeeps "Wichita, KS"
06/15/08 Tumbleweed "Dodge City, KS"

Western 1 "Ron Henricksen, Reg, Mgr." 951-587-9805
05/18/08 Perris Raceway "Perris, CA"
06/14/08 Glen Helen "San Bernardino, CA"
06/22/08 Cahuilla Creek "Anza, CA"
06/28/08 Perris Raceway "Perris, CA"

Wyoming R. Scott Ludwig or 307-672-9738 Scott
 " Reilly E. Ludwig, Reg. Mgrs." 307-752-4613 Reilly
04/27/08 Douglas MX Club "Douglas, WY"
05/11/08 Douglas MX Club "Douglas, WY"
06/08/08 Powder Basin MX "Gillette, WY"
06/14/08 Fremont Co. Racing Assn "Riverton, WY"
06/15/08 Fremont Co. Racing Assn "Riverton, WY"
06/22/08 Mountain Valley MX "Cody, WY"