Limited-Edition Evel Knievel Prints

Port Angeles, WA (March 7th, 2008) - Once again, artist Michael Petersen, has come together with Racer X Illustrated to present his representation of the legendary Evel Knievel. This art piece can be seen in the April issue of Racer X.

Michael tells about his drawing:

"I spent roughly eighty hours on this freehand drawing of Knievel’s portrait and wheelie on his rip-roaring Harley Davidson in the backdrop. To me it signified him as the original, dominant, extreme-sport motorcyclist. When I was growing up in Eastern Washington my father used to take me to the local TT track to watch Knievel race and execute his first jumps over a box of rattlesnakes, scorpions, etc…and like every other kid out there I pretended I was him on my JC Penny mini-bike!

Evel Knievel was the quintessential daredevil motorcyclist, a true American icon, and my childhood hero. What he started in the early 1960s evolved into one of the most popular motor sports ever; there are now thousands of riders all over the world jumping motorcycles for a living. Knievel was a hard living, death-defying, risk taker; he famed jumps such as the 151 foot fountains of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, these jumps attracted thousands of viewers and millions tuned in to the televised takeoffs.

There are few riders who can shatter practically every bone in their body and still have the persistent attitude and vigor that Evel had. His mentality of perseverance inspired many fans, myself included, to never give up, no matter how many times you crash in life and to succeed against all odds. Evel Knievel will be forever remembered and honored by millions to come; he is a true American badass and a heck of an entertainer! I’ll miss you Evel."

These 250 Limited Edition prints are for sale on Michael’s website, or you can call him directly at # (360) 477-9003

Michael Petersen has a lifetime love of riding, racing, mountain climbing and photography. Although action and outdoor-related subjects have always been Petersen’s passion, he has recently focused on the motorcycle scene because of his interest in the sport, its incredible athletes and the positive influence the sport has on youth and families. To see more of his artwork visit his website