Ben Lamay Signs with DeCal Works

Kingston, IL (March 6th, 2008) – DeCal Works is pleased to announce that Ben Lamay, one of the fastest amateur riders in the country, has joined the team as one of their newest amateur athlete. Ben’s speed and results, along with his great attitude, make his presence a welcome addition to the DeCal Works Amateur Team.

The 16 year old from Anchorage, Alaska, has been at the top of Amateur Motocross in the country for a few years, becoming one of the great future prospects of our sport.

“This is a great opportunity for me” said Ben. “I feel very confident for the upcoming season and thankful that Ron and the crew at DeCal Works have decided to join into my racing program. This is going to be a good year for us”

DeCal's Ken Joynt is very excited about bringing Lamay, into the program: "Ben is one of those riders that stand out by his speed and great attitude on the track and in the pits. It is very rewarding for a company like ours to have riders like him. The year is going to be fun!"

DeCal Works and Ben Lamay are looking forward to make the podiums, and more, together and are ready to make a good impression starting at Lake Whitney next week.

About DeCal Works:

Founded in 1989 by Ron and Janeen Joynt, DeCal Works has been the industry leader in pre-printed backgrounds and custom graphics for over 19 years. With a passion for racing, DeCal Works has since its early days, focused all its attention in supporting amateur and privateers riders.

“DeCal Works, The Original”