Attn. Racer X Canada Subscribers


Dear Racer X Subscriber,

Over the last four years, Racer X Canada has quickly grown from a 64-page insert in Racer X Illustrated to a self-bound magazine with Canadian riders gracing each of our coveted covers. Our success has been, in large part, thanks to an extremely loyal readership and a highly committed advertising base. Racer X Canada is about to embark on a new media adventure. This spring, Racer X Canada is unleashing 2.0, a new website delivering more Canadian motocross coverage than ever before, and offering that content in a variety of multimedia formats previously unseen in the Great White North.

With our new focus on delivering content online, we are ceasing production of the printed magazine. Access to is open to everyone, just as it always has been …because it’s not a party unless everyone’s invited.

Your current subscription to Racer X Illustrated will be extended to reflect the issues of Racer X Canada that you paid for.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing our role as Canada’s most trusted source for motocross news; this time minus the postman and the printed pages. Stay tuned to for the Spring 2008 launch and join the digital revolution.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription, please email or call 877-684-0080 or 760-233-2683.

Thanks for reading Racer X!


Racer X  Illustrated and Racer X Canada