Your Collection

March 2, 2008 12:57pm

This week's collection comes from Eric Whitmer:

"Attached are three pictures of my dad's restored '79 Maico 250. He (Steve) bought is new in 1979 and rode and raced it at Indian Dunes, Saddleback etc. He sold it after he got out of the sport to a friend, and that friend sold it to another friend. It stayed in a
close-nit group of people until about five years ago when he bought it back. It was in SAD shape. He then stripped it down to the frame and completely restored it. He bought replacement parts for it from Vintage Iron and cleaned up what he could from its original glory days. It has the original tires on it that he sold it with. It now sits as a show piece in our printing business in Santa Ana, CA. It runs like a champ, if you can pull the clutch in (dry clutch!)

P.S. He is thinking of trying to sell it to get himself a new CRF250R. My dad still rides too! As a matter of fact we are going out this weekend with some friends to tear it up!"

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