Number Cruncher Redux: #156


Last week #156 was the featured digit in our Shift Number Cruncher. We always welcome your feedback, and here's what we got for the 1-5-6:

Chad Gibson

I had a similar story as Mike Daily. I started racing in the early 90s, District 7, MD/VA/PA. I race with Jason Conlon (last week's number cruncher) and Travis Pastrana. I signed up for my first race with a number 5 and was promptly told that I would be assigned a number. 156 is what I got. I raced as an amateur till I was 32 or so till my knees couldn't take it any longer. I finished top 3 in the amateur national arenacross two years in a row and raced the AX finals inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Chad Gibson

Cory Bauder

When I saw you were crunching 156 the first person that popped into my mind was Cory Bauder. Although he wore a variety of numbers as a pro, Bauder will forever be recognized in the Northwest with running 156 throughout his mini and amateur career. Cory was a year older than me and luckily he wasa usually a class or age group ahead. He was the quintessential big time amateur rider in our area in the early 90s with a stable of Team Green Kawasakis and a seemingly never-ending supply of clean O’Neal gear.
In 1992 Cory won the 125C Stock class at Loretta Lynn’s and always joked with me that he was destined for stardom because that was the only championship that McGrath had ever won at the ranch. After more top-five finishes at Loretta’s, Bauder turned pro (man, can’t remember, must have been 96?). He ended up putting his YZ250 into the main at the Daytona SX in 1998 and in the first moto of the Steel City 125 National in ‘99. He then raced to a 16th place finish for a chunk of AMA points and National #98 for 2000.
Cory put a program together to do the complete West Coast 125 SX series in 2000. After an 11th in San Diego and a 16th in Phoenix, Bauder again put his Team Lynnwood Yamaha YZ125 into the main in Houston. Unfortunately he came up short on a jump breaking both wrists and would never race again.

Cory Bauder at Spokane

It was tough to find anything but here is a shot of Cory wearing #156. The other is from a local race in Spokane, Washington along with's  Eric Waunch (949), Jimmy Lamastus (847) and Chaun McAlister (who was National #97 in 1992 on his Hi Flyer card and would be a good # to crunch as we’ve had a lot of 97s in the Northwest with Chaun, Dan Moore in ‘98 and Ryan Terlecki.)
Thanks for your time.

Mark Reed

I just finished reading your Number Cruncher column and I have one more 156 for you. My name is Mark Reed. I work for BSY Yamaha in Cocoa, Florida, and I race with the number 156! I will attach a picture of me riding my YZ250F.
Mark Reed

My first AMA professional number was 156 in 1978. I used that number at the Superbowl of Motocross and a few AMA Nationals that year. At the end of 1978 the AMA assigned my number to some European factory Honda rider for the Anaheim SX, so I didn't get an entry for that race. The next year I requested a different number. Thanks.
Joe Stern

Mike Twigg

Got one for ya on the #156. I am the unmatched cruncher man for ya here. This is the '83 D.C. SX and it's faded, but it looks like I have Mike Twigg's name on the back. Herman thinks so as well, so here you go!
Rob Harris

Graham Noyce

photo: Racer X Archives

Graham Noyce wore #156 for the '78 Trans-AMA series. The second pro race I ever attended was the Unadilla round and he podiumed I believe. Unfortunately for him, the Hannah/DeCoster battle that day over shadowed his great ride. As we all know he went on to take the world 500cc title the next year. I bet Dick Miller has a few photos of him from that series.
Josh Heintz
Chester Springs, PA

Marc Tiesler grabbing an Englishtown holeshot.

Marc Tiesler

Hello Andy,
My name is Marc Tiesler and have been running #156 since 1989 when the AMA changed my pro number from 150 (1987-88) to 156 . I ran 156 from then on. I raced AMA Pro Nationals and a few SXs till 2001 with 156. I never earned enough points for a two-digit number. Here is a pic from the 1993 Race of Champions at Englishtown where I got the holeshot in the 250 main ahead of Mike LaRocco #5 and Mike Kiedrowski #1 (far right).The pic with McGrath in front of me is Budds Creek 1996. I ran #56 at the 250 USGP at Unadilla in 1992. I still run 156 today in the Vet classes in District 6. I have met Willy Browning a couple times and chatted about my history with 156.
Marc Tiesler
Forever #156

Shawn Clark

Arenacross Rider Shawn Clark was number #156 aboard a Kawasaki in 2002 and at Loretta's. Also, Marc Tiesler of Holland, PA, was number 156 in 1998 and 1999 in AMA Motocross and Supercross.
Mark Perrin

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