Elizabeth Bash Injury Update


We got this note from MSR's Dave Casella, who got it from Charles Castloo:

2.26.2008 11:00 A.M.

The head surgeon here at JPS Hospital came by yesterday afternoon and said they are going to hold off on surgery to repair the pancreas for a few days, despite the rising test levels. He says they are high, but not high enough to rush her in to the OR just yet, as long as her vitals and such stay normal. They are doing everything they can to avoid surgery in hopes that her body will repair itself. He said he would like to give it a few days and see how it progresses. They will continue to do blood tests every 6 hours to make sure nothing heads dramatically in the wrong direction. They talked about putting in a central line to keep from having to stick her everytime they need a blood test, but that hasn't happened yet. The levels stayed the same the last test this morning and they seem to treat that like an improvement (kind of like a push is a win in Las Vegas!). She has had a fever since last night, but that is just one way your body fights off infection and they are not too worried about it as long as it doesn't get any higher. Yesterday she slept ALL day, but this morning she was a little more alert and with it until her next dose of pain meds and now it's lights out again.  
I don't see any big news coming soon, but if anything changes I will let you know....
She says no flowers, just money and/or a Coach purse; I think she is getting back to normal! 
JPS Hospital
1500 South Main
Ft. Worth, TX  76104
Patient Elizabeth Bash
ICU Bed # 18

Thank you,
Charles Castloo