Chad Johnson Perfect in Pikeville

February 18, 2008 7:55am

Cory Green Wins Lites

AURORA, Ill. (February 18, 2008) –  Chad Johnson passed Gray Davenport on the second lap to win the 25 lap AMA Arenacross main event in Pikeville, KY.  Johnson’s win gives him a thirty-three point lead ahead of Kelly Smith.  When asked his good luck and the Monster Team’s bad luck Chad had this comment.  “Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity and the opportunity arose tonight for me to show how prepared I am.”

Smith and teammate, Brock Sellards were involved in a first turn pile up causing them to play catch up throughout the race.  Sellards finished eighth on the night while Smith finished thirteenth.

Kevin Johnson had a good night running in the top three and finishing second.  He was challenged by both Davenport and Teddy Maier.  Maier got around Davenport on lap twenty-one.

In the AMA Arenacross Lites class, Cory Green battled with Dave Ginolfi for the first half of the eighteen lap main.  Green passed Ginolfi in traffic and went uncontested the rest of the night to win.  Tyler Bright wrapped up the East Lites Championship with his third place finish.

Next week riders will have to make a choice as Toyota Arenacross will run on both the east coast and west coast on the same night, Greensboro, NC and Sacramento, CA.

AMA Arenacross Class Results, (Pikeville, KY)

  1. Chad Johnson                Honda

  2. Kevin Johnson               Yamaha

  3. Teddy Maier                  Honda

  4. Gray Davenport              Kawasaki

  5. Travis Sewell                 Suzuki

  6. Keith Johnson                Yamaha

  7. Codi Adams                  Yamaha

  8. Brock Sellards               Kawasaki

  9. Tyler Bright                    Suzuki

  10. Josh Woods                  Suzuki

2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Class Point Standings

1.       Chad Johnson (7)           366                  

2.       Kelly Smith (3)               333                  

3.       Brock Sellards (4)          312

4.       Teddy Maier (2)              288

5.       Kevin Johnson (2)           273

6.       Keith Johnson (1)           272

7.       Jim Neese                     220

8.       Tom Hofmaster (1)         219

9.       Gray Davenport              190

10.   Robbie Reynard             188


AMA Arenacross Class Lites Results (Pikeville, KY)

  1. Cory Green                    Suzuki

  2. Gray Davenport              Kawasaki

  3. Tyler Bright                    Suzuki

  4. Dave Ginolfi                   Kawasaki

  5. Codi Adams                  Yamaha

  6. Roy Horton                    Honda

  7. Kyle Brown                    Honda

  8. Josh Woods                  Suzuki

  9. Chad Wages                 Honda

  10. Shane Sewell                Kawasaki

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