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February 17, 2008 11:22am
This week's collection comes from Fort Wayne, Indiana's Bryan Hoffman:
"As Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would say on his Speed Vision show, "Let's go back in the day!"
I would like to take you back to the year 1984. The scene is Red Bud T-N-T for the infamous July Pro National. This is a collection of pictures that I took in the pits along with a few of the racing action. Sorry that the color quality is starting to go away, but you can get the the idea of what it was all about back in the day!  
It is amazing looking back now at how our great sport has progressed! Check out the pictures of the pits. Gene must have forgotten to cut the grass back then! I am shocked that the great Team Honda never complained that they had to work on their hand-made works bikes sitting in 8" of Red Bud grass! What a work of art all of the full factory bikes were back then. Johnny O', Wardy, Lechien, Bailey, Liles, Barnett, RJ, and the other legends of the sport were there. I hope all of you old timers will appreciate these along with the new generation; this is where it all began!"

Billy Liles '84 KX250

David Bailey's '84 RC500

Johnny O'Mara, Red Bud '84

Johnny O'Mara's '85 RC125

Mark Barnett's '84 RM250

Johnny O'Mara

125cc start

Rick Johnson's '84 YZ250

Ron "The Dogger" Lechien

Ron Lechien's '84 RC250

Team Honda

Jeff Ward's '84 KX125

Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward

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