WORCS Racing Announces New Title Sponsor Kal Gard

February 15, 2008 8:37am

Washington, UT (2/15/08) --  WORCS Racing announced today that Kal Gard will be the official sponsor of the 2008 WORCS Racing Pro Main Events.  Kal Gard, the ultimate in lubrication technologies, is proud to announce they will be providing the $500.00 holeshot award for each main event beginning this weekend in Mesquite and continuing through Round #10 in Taft, California.  “I was happy to partner with Kal Gard for the 2008 season, they have really stepped it up in the marketing for the racing scene and crossing over to the off-road was a great move to expose there product,” says Sean Reddish of WORCS Racing.

Kal Gard currently sponsors a variety of riders, including newcomer to the WORCS series Kyle Lewis, as well as events such as Endurocross, Glen Helen Raceway, LACR Raceway, Willow Springs and more.

For more on Kal Gard, please visit www.kalgard.com.