One Industries Wins Lawsuit with O'Neal

The federal court in San Diego yesterday brought an abrupt end to claims by Jim O'Neal Distributing, Inc. that One Industries, LLC was infringing its trademarks. United States District Judge John A. Houston granted summary judgment in favor of One Industries on all claims based on a finding that there was no evidence of any infringement.

The lawsuit began in May 2006, after O'Neal accused One Industries of trademark infringement and threatened to sue if One Industries did not change its name and logo. One Industries asked the federal court for a declaration that it was not infringing any of O'Neal's trademarks. In response, O'Neal counter-sued One Industries as well as its founders Ludo Boinnard and Marc Blanchard, claiming trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, unfair competition, and seeking to cancel the company's registered trademarks.

Yesterday's decision resolved all claims in the case in favor of One Industries.

"We filed this case to clear our name in the face of false accusations by O'Neal" said Marc Blanchard, designer and VP of One Industries, "and yesterday's decision accomplishes that goal. We work really hard to make great products with cutting edge design and the best materials. The idea that O'Neal was claiming we were copying them was pretty surreal."

"It's our second litigation in 4 years and we've been successful both times" added Ludo Boinnard, President and CEO of ONE
Industries. "The passion, dedication, hard work and success in our sport all originated from a great dream and we're not going to let anybody damage it or crush it. We will always defend our rights and push back hard with all legal efforts and means necessary".

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