Flash Trivia Winners


Earlier this week in Flash Trivia, we asked you to identify both the year and the rider running  #109 in the photo above. If you were one of the first 10 correct entries, you would win a One Chance to Win DVD, courtesy of The Motocross Files! We got a vast array of answers, from Shae Bentley and Casey Johnson to Alessio Chiodi and Frederic Bolley. 

But there's only one correct answer: Dewitt, Michigan’s finest, Nick Wey, in 1997. If your name is listed below, congratulations, you won! You can expect the DVD in a week or so. Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned next week for more Racer X Flash Trivia!

Tim Kilkenney
Concord Township, OH

Joe Hartson
Hopewell Junction, NY

Dave Korte
Royal Oak, MI

Dwayne Williams
San Diego, CA

Travis Stout
Pierre, SD

Justin Vanderwerff
Macon, GA

Amber Rotella
Olympia, WA

Stephen Smith
Pontiac, MI 

Trevor Dahms
Plano, TX

Chad Haskins
Pittsfield, MA