THOR’s Chad Reed Charges in San Diego

February 11, 2008 12:25pm

Wearing a one-off San Diego Chargers inspired Thor helmet, THOR’s Chad Reed charged it for a win in San Diego.

In the main event, Reed hunted down holeshot winner Davi Millsaps to grab the lead in lap 2. Reed stayed one step ahead of Millsaps for most of the race until lap 12 where Reed stumbled in the sand section and gave up the lead. Reed was determined to get back in front and worked his way up, passing Millsaps and taking his 5th win of the season. Reed leads the season point standings by 35.

In the Lites class, THOR’s Brett Metcalfe had a rough start to the night – he had to come through the LCQ to make the main event. Then in the main, Metcalfe had to work his way up from outside the top 10 to take 4th place. Metcalfe sits in 3rd in the season point standings, with his teammate Thor’s Austin Stroupe sitting in 5th overall.

And if the night wasn’t exciting already, THOR’s Travis Pastrana made quite a stir among race fans when he decided to race Parts Unlimited’s mini bike race early in the night. Pastrana rode a close race finishing in 2nd after having a run-in with another rider.

Yet the fans couldn’t get enough, so he took a Champions lap around the track with the 2008 AMA Supercross Leader Chad Reed.  It wouldn’t be TP without a couple surprises - he finished the Champions lap with the first ever backflip over the Monster Energy finish line! 

It was great to see all you race fans out in Thor’s hometown of San Diego. Don’t forget to stop by the Thor booth in Atlanta and Dallas for your chance to win a free set of Thor gear.

See you at the races!

AMA Supercross Main Event - San Diego

1. Chad Reed  THOR
2. Tim Ferry
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Andrew Short
5. Kevin Windham
6. Josh Hill    THOR
7. David Vuillemin
8. Nathan Ramsey
9. Nick Wey
10. Jason Thomas

AMA Supercross Overall Season Point Standings

1. Chad Reed (147 points)  THOR
2. Kevin Windham (112)
3. Tim Ferry (99)
4. Davi Millsaps (85)
5. Andrew Short (85)
6. Nathan Ramsey (70)
7. Mike Alessi (69)
8. Nick Wey (65)
9. Josh Hill (64)  THOR
10. Ivan Tedesco (53)

AMA Supercross LITES Main Event - San Diego

1. Jason Lawrence
2. Tommy Hahn
3. Robert Kiniry
4. Brett Metcalfe  THOR
5. Justin Brayton
6. Ryan Dungey
7. Austin Stroupe   THOR
8. Wil Hahn
9. Michael Lapaglia
10. Billy Laninovich

AMA Supercross Lites Overall Season Point Standings

1. Jason Lawrence (113 points)
2. Ryan Dungey (111)
3. Brett Metcalfe (96)   THOR
4. Tommy Hahn (92)
5. Austin Stroupe (88)   THOR
6. Justin Brayton (85)
7. Dan Reardon (80)
8. Gavin Gracyk (62)
9. Broc Hepler (59)
10. Robert Kiniry (57)