Wasting Time Off-road Film

Wasting Time Films presents "Wasting Time" an off-road Hare Scramble film. The film has captured the off-road experience and is passing it on to the people who love the sport. "Wasting Time" features some of the best riders in the sport, such as New Zealand 's Paul Whibley and Kentucky 's Marty Michels and Brian Garrahan, as they charge through the woods at break-neck speeds. Filmed through out the scenic mid-west in the beautiful hills of Kentucky and Indiana, Wasting Time captures their awesome riding, along with others in the KORHS and GNCC racing series. Paul, a Grand National Cross Country champion at the Georgia race and Marty always in the running in Open A show us how crazy fast and down right crazy you need to be to ride at the top levels. The film features rider skill levels that run the gamut as well. "Wasting Time" is a fast paced off-road adventure sure not to disappoint any adrenaline junky.

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