Tedesco Injury Update


Fox Racing's Scott Taylor gave us the following update regarding Honda Red Bull Racing's Ivan Tedesco.

"As you are aware another Fox soldier is down. Ivan Tedesco crashed moments after setting the second fastest time of the day in practice at Anaheim 3. The initial reports from the track mentioned his wrist, etc. I just hung up with Ivan. He is on the way to a hand specialist for a 1:30 (PST) appointment. Long story short, but it is NOT a broken wrist! He has a broken bone at the base of his ring finger, a bone in the middle of his hand and a small bone at the base of his hand (towards his wrist) that is broken. We should have a time frame on his return after the appointment this afternoon. I’ll keep you posted!"

Tedesco has three broken bones in his hand.

photo: Simon Cudby