Is it Gomez or Rivas? Or Both?

The results this weekend from the fifth round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross at Anaheim listed the tenth-place finisher as either "Manuel Gomez" or "Manuel Rivas," depending on where you were looking for the results. And today, when the official AMA results bulletin came out, it  "Manuel Rivas Gomez" in tenth.

It's Manu Rivas!

photo: Simon Cudby

Mike Showen, longtime race watcher, sent us a note to explain the mystery:
I just wanted to clear up some confusion. Rider 921 should be called Manu Rivas not Manuel Gomez. In Spain and Europe he is known as Manu Rivas. In Spain a person's name consists of "given name," "father's family name," "mother's family name." The mother's family name is normally not used except for official purposes.
So #921 Manuel Gomez IS the rider we've come to know as Manu Rivas in the past year, but somewhere his name switched around! According to Showen, Scott Kandel of Wonder Warthog Racing has been in touch with the AMA trying to straighten up the mixup.
Trampas Chad Parker can relate!

Rivas has qualifed for the AMA Supercross main event at both Anaheim 2 (15th) and Anaheim 3 (10th) and sits 21st in the point standings.