Kyle Lewis Protected by Vemar and Sidi

January 31, 2008 9:58am

Long time moto icon and budding WORCS series star, Kyle Lewis knows that to succeed he must be able to complete races and series.

Thus it was a forgone conclusion that he would re-sign with Sidi for the umpteenth season, Kyle will be doing his best and as always will be in his Sidi Crossfire boots!

However a new addition to Kyle’s protection arsenal is his Vemar VRX7 off road helmet. Kyle knows that Motonation only offers the finest products in the world so when Motonation took on the Vemar helmet brand he was immediately on the phone to the company! After a complete evaluation and test Kyle was pleased to sign on with Vemar noting how light the helmet is and how great the vision is as well. Protection? That point was driven home (literally) to Kyle at his first WORCS race where he did a first class head plant on the 1st lap! Kyle remounted and finished the race with one banged up lid, a helmet that did its most important job that day!

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