Bench Racing Ammo: Bros

January 31, 2008 12:57pm

Earlier this week in Steve Matthes’ Observations from San Francisco, he wrote, “How about the Blose brothers! The Fun Center Suzuki team riders both made the top ten with Chris getting 8th and Michael 10th. Good job to both of them for this achievement. Wil and Tommy Hahn both made the top ten as well. When was the last time that happened? Paging Billy Ursic….

Mike and Chris Blose.

photo: Carl Stone

Well, Steve, that’s a very good question, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that has never happened before. But we have seen some other very impressive brotherly performances in the past, and even wrote about it before in an earlier installment of Bench Racing Ammo. But let’s take a look at some others…

Since we’re talking Lites Supercross, let’s start there. One of the most impressive brotherly performances comes from the 1991 125cc Houston Supercross, which was an East/West event back then. That’s where Tallon Vohland took the win and his brother, Tyson, finished third. We spoke with Tallon about that race earlier this week.

“I was winning the whole race and Tyson was second until McGrath passed him with two laps to go,” says Tallon, who currently works for Acerbis. “We got first and third! Back then I was on Team Suzuki and Tyson was on a Team Green race support program.”

Tallon continues, “Tyson also got second at the Gainesville National that year. Another cool fact is that we each won the 125cc class at Anaheim in our careers. Tyson won in 1986 and I won in 2000.”

Yes, that’s 15 years between wins!

Aside from the aforementioned Blose and Hahn brothers, the Alessi brothers have their place in history as well. Although they never both landed on a podium together in a major professional race, the duo has both finished in the top 10. In fact, just last year at the Red Bud round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship on July 1, Mike finished third in the AMA Motocross class with a 3-3 showing, while younger brother Jeff finished seventh overall in the same class with 7-8 scores. Both were aboard big Red Bull KTM 450s.

Incredibly, two weeks later that impressive brotherly performance by the Alessis was trumped, but it didn’t happen in the U.S. On July 17, 2007, the French Pourcel brothers managed to win both the MX1 and MX2 classes at the Grand Prix Citta di Faenza in Italy, winning three out of four motos. The younger brother, Christophe, who won the Lites class at the 2007 Phoenix Supercross and is the 2006 MX2 World MX Champion, won the MX2 class with a 2-1, while his older brother, Sebastian, went 1-1 to take the MX1 class over Josh Coppins and Mike Brown.

Seb Pourcel

photo: Magnus Andersson

But the all-time best brothers in the States? Bill and Bob Grossi were California hotshots in the early ‘70s. Bill Grossi has two wins to his credit—a 250 national win at Plymouth, CA in 1974, and a 500 national win the following year at Ravenna, Ohio. His brother Bob has a 250 national win at Daytona in 1973, making them the only brothers ever to each win an AMA Motocross National!

But the list of brothers associated with motocross here in the States is a long one. Some of the most notables include the Jones’ (Gary and Dwayne); the Pomeroys (Ron and Jim); the Tripes’ (Mike and Marty); the Suns (Chuck and Ron); the Blackwells (Mark and Greg); the Emigs (Jeff and Bryan); the Coombs’ (Timmy and Davey); the Bradshaws (Damon and Zack); the Sellards (Marcus and Brock); the Sipes (Ryan and Justin); the Blairs (Daniel and Vincent); the Johnsons (Keith and Kevin); the Tedescos (Gio and Ivan); the Valades (Ryan and Randy); the Dungeys (Ryan, Blake and Jade); the Renners (Ronnie and Ricky); the Sewells (Travis and Shane); the Dehns (Bruce and John); the Maces (Justin and Kyle); the Partridges (Jason and Kyle); the Whitcrafts (David and Chris); the Bowens (Keith and Greg); the Pugrabs (Michael and Chris); the Villaticos (Joe and Jason); the Stones (Brian and Doug); the Heddens (Jon and Jeff); the Trettels (Ian and Gavin); the Hills (Josh and Justin); the Villopotos (Ryan and Tyler); the Albrechts (Jeremy and Joel); the Stewarts (James and Malcolm); the Goerkes (Matt and Kyle); the Chisholms (Kyle and Cody); the Whartons (Tyler and Blake); the Durhams (Darryn and Shane); the Marsacks (Jake and Dane); the Weigand(t)s (Jason and Tim); the Bowyers (Andy and Clint); the Butlers (Forrest, Karsten and Brandon); the Gosselaars (Chris, Todd, Caleb and Drew) and the Tedders (Myles, Dakota, Chasen and Matt); and the Lusks (Ezra and Shane). Whew..........

If we missed any others, feel free to drop us a line at Thanks for reading.

Christophe Pourcel

photo: Magnus Andersson