Birthdays from January 28 to February 3

January 28, 2008 6:30am

January 28: John Louch, the trainer for Honda Red Bull’s Davi Millsaps.

January 28: Live Nation's Director of Supercross, Dave Prater, has to be one of the hardest working guys in our industry.

January 28: Makita Suzuki mechanic, Tim “Tool Time” McAdams has been at Suzuki for quite some time now. Last year, he was asked to wrench for an up and coming superstar Ryan Dungey and the two have made quite an impact on the guys in the Lites class.

January 28: Western Power Sport's Jon Bland.

January 29: Live Nation's Krysten Gibson.

January 29: GNCC competitor and Ryan Villopoto’s grandfather, Fred Villopoto.

January 29: Loretta Lynn Alumni, Ryan Voit.

January 29:'s Cherub Sacchi.

January 30: The late Kevin Crine, a true privateer.

January 30: BSY/Yamaha Trackside Support Technician, Scott Buffaloe

January 31: Robert Davis and his brother had dreams of starting a graphics company in the motocross industry. After years of hard work, it has finally paid off and Throttle Jockey is one of the top graphic companies in the country.

January 31: Team Green Kawasaki amateur pilot, Blake Baggett.

February 1: Avid Racer X reader, Jimmy Hicks.

February 2: Tony DiStefano was way ahead of his time back in the seventies. He won three AMA 250cc National MX Championships and was a seven-time member of the Trophee and Motocross Des Nations teams.

After injuries began to take their toll on Tony he decided to retire from competition after the 1981 season. He continued his involvement in the sport by starting his own riding schools for young up and coming riders. In 1988, while practicing at a track in New Jersey, DiStefano crashed, broke his back and became paralyzed. He continues to this day to teach motocross schools. For more information, visit

February 2: Loretta Lynn Alumni, Jonathan Moore.

Febuary. 2: Founder and President of Beach Sportcycles Yamaha (BSY), George Buffaloe Sr.

February 2: Professional privateer and GNCC competitor, Mark Wundrack.

February 2: One of the most controversial riders of the decade has to be Rockstar/Bloodshot Suzuki rider Tyler Evans. After winning Top Privateer Honors a couple years ago, Evans has yet to regain the speed to be a top privateer contender again.

February 2: FMX rider Matt Buyten.

February 2: KTM's Racing and Event Promotions, Selvaraj Narayana.

February 2: If you have ever been to an outdoor national or supercross in the last 20 years then I’m sure you have heard the voice of Erv Braun. Braun is a huge motorcycle enthusiast and is currently an announcer for Live Nation.

February 3: FMX rider Jake Windham.

February 3: Motosport Outlet's Scot Helgeson.

February 3: GNCC competitor, Daniel Vanderpool.

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