Practice Underway in San Fran

Practice is underway in San Fran. As we reported earlier, it started with unseeded Lites riders at 4:45., about  four hours later than normal. The now-uncovered track looks pretty good, it's obviously sloppy out there but most of the sections are jumpable. Ruts may turn out the be the biggest issue as the night goes on....unless it rains again. Then all bets are off.

But if you are betting, Jason Lawrence clocked the fastest Lites time, with Ryan Dungey second. Lawrence was the only Lites rider to duck under the 49 second barrier. Chad Reed turned a 49.4, Kevin Windham a 49.7 and Grant Langston a 49.9 in the Supercross Class. As you can tell, the laps aren't much slower than they would be if the track was dry.

But it could rain. Be sure to stay tuned to for the SupercrossLive! Webcast tonight.