Rev-Up: San Francisco

January 24, 2008 1:52pm | by:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. It’s hard to imagine how many more bombshells we’ll see as we approach Round 4 of the 2008 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship. Most of Southern California was ready to begin building the arc for Anaheim 1. Then things seemed to smooth out a bit for Phoenix before all hell broke loose after practice at the A2 throwback. We’ve been inundated with particular morsel all week. Bubba’s out. I have to be honest; when that news first hit me I had to take a look under the lid of my coffee and smell for chemicals. But it was true. #7 is injured and has removed himself from the series to have his knee operated on. That should be so simple, but as the message boards will tell you, it is far from that. There are a lot of other things to get pumped up about on our way to the battle under the Bay Bridge, so let’s get Revved Up about that instead.

The SF SX offers the coolest vista of any stop on the tour, with the ominous island of Alcatraz and the aforementioned bridge in the background. AT&T Park sits right between the two, and from the right seat you can watch a ship cruise into the bay as the salty sea air floats up your nose. All of the surrounding elements compound the Live Nation pyrotechnics, smoke, and laser show. Plus, it’s NorCal, baby! The fans in Northern California are a different breed. They have the passion and hard-core attitude of the SoCal contingent, but a style that is all their own. And while there might be rain in the forecast, there is going to be a horde of adrenaline craving moto heads that will be there, shoulders back, ready to watch the gate drop. Let’s get down.


As I was mentioning above, there is a lot more to write about than Bubba being on the bench. These kids have been throwing down each and every week and putting on one hell of a show. They’ve produced gnarly freight trains, surprise winners, and all of the good shit that produces chicken skin. Along those lines of madness, I hope you took a glance over at Bad Billy’s Sign of the Lap Times and noticed J-Law was a second faster than everybody else. I promise you he will be bringing the heat this time around too. It looks like it’s going to be a little sticky, albeit wet, and #338 can sling the slime with the best of them. He’ll have to go through Dungey first, though. It’s not a big shocker to me that #28 is taking care of business. He was fast enough to win the title last year but kept breaking himself off. He appears to have the juice this time around. What about Stroupe and Hepler? Both of those guys have race-winning speed. Jake Weimer proved his worth in Phoenix, then we have Brett Metcalfe who needs to show and blow up so he can get Mitch off his back. This is the first racing the crowd will see when they turn the lights back on and they’ll be ready to send some t-shirts swinging, I guarantee you.


Well, damn, what is there to get pumped up about with these boys? Bubba’s out and we might as well pin the championship on Chad Reed’s tail, right? Save it. We’re four rounds in and there are only 16-points separating #22 and the man that chased him all the way to Vegas in 2004. The track could be sketch again this time around and that leaves Pandora ’s Box wide open, doctor. And even if Chad walks away, check out the battle behind him! We had Josh Hill on the box last weekend, Alessi’s been closer and closer with each drop of the gate, and Timmy Ferry has had a downright rotten stretch of luck and only needs a good start. Ivan Tedesco should also be riding a little harder to impress Fox Racing who call Morgan Hill home, just 60 miles south. And hey, nothing for nothing, I don’t think Josh Hill has shown all of his cards yet. Kid’s hungry.

There is a ton to be excited about and cheer for. We’ve been waiting for Supercross to come back since May; now it’s here so don’t give up on me yet! The Lites boys only have a couple more weeks to put in a good showing before the series swings east where we always see the momentum switch hands.

In addition to that, Saturday night will mark the first supercross of 2008 that yours truly has attended. San Fran is a special place for me. I was standing there when TP hucked it into the bay and a couple years later I was right across the water in Oakland for my first TOOL concert. And I was damn sure there last year when all hell broke loose between #22, #7, and The GOAT. I’m telling you, there is something in that salty bay air that makes people crazy. I have a feeling we may be in for the biggest bombshell yet. I’m ready to watch the boys ride the lightning! Don’t be scared of a little rain. What do you say? Let’s go see the show.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.