Anaheim 2 Press Day

Anaheim, Calif. – Today was press day for Anaheim II, round three of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship. Saturday night’s event is due to be the first-ever “throwback event” where the track, and likely many of the people, are going to harken back to 1986, when hair was big, two-strokes ruled, and Rick Johnson and David Bailey had one of the most legendary supercross battles in history.

Nathan Ramsey hucking the triple.

“We actually said to each other, right as we were coming down the tunnel, ‘We’re both fast. We’re going to be up there. I’m not going to take you out, but I’m going to try to beat you. Deal?’ ‘Deal,’” Rick Johnson said at Anaheim, while wearing a Bad Boy Club jacket and some Oakley Frogskins. “We hit, we cut each other off, but David and I knew where the line was. When we said that, it was like, ‘If you leave the door a 10th open, I’m going to stick a wheel in there. Don’t be mad when I do, just don’t do it.’”

Both RJ and Bailey are expected to be on-hand this Saturday night in Anaheim.

Round-one winner and co-points-leader Chad Reed was 1/2 of the riders on hand, as his San Manuel Yamaha teammate Nathan Ramsey was also in attendance, sporting the start of what looked like a pretty mean ‘stache.

Reed came in wearing a wig that Elvira would’ve been proud of along with an Aussie bandana and some aviator-style sunglasses.

“This might be it for the weekend, though, just the wig,” Reed said of his get-up. “Yamaha’s kind of been there and done it with the 50th Anniversary, so it kind of seems like they’re not going to really participate, and Thor’s following suit, so it kind of sucks, but I guess Chad Reed’s personality will have to do [laughs].”

Reed didn’t ride, but his teammate Ramsey did. The track is definitely different. Out in left field on the floor of Angel Stadium is a triple that is noticeably bigger than the “standard” cookie-cutter triples at every other track. It will be challenging for many 250Fs to clear. Also, there is a straightaway full of sand traps, off-beat rhythms, and more.

One thing’s for sure: This weekend’s race will be different. Whether or not it will be better is yet to be determined.