Birthdays from January 14 to January 20

January 14, 2008 8:12am

January 14: Rob Salcedo is the man responsible for keeping Shift Racing on the map. This year, Team Yamaha’s Broc Hepler is his main guy, as well as the entire MDK KTM squad. He also goes pretty good on a dirtbike too.

January 15: Racer X's Online Manager Jason Fleming.

January 15: Supercross Live! Sound Engineer Alan Selk.

January 16: FMX rider Cody Elkins.

January 16: After a brief stint competing in the MX1 World Championships in Europe, Ryan Mills is back home here in the states, and will be competing in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series again.

January 17: Donny Schmit was a determined motocross rider from the great state of Minnesota who became one of the most successful American racers ever to compete in the World Championship Motocross. Schmit was a two-time World Motocross Champion, winning the 125 title in 1990 before moving up to win the 250 series in 1992. Donny Schmit died of a rare blood disorder in January of 1996.

January 17: MX Sports/Racer Productions' Carrie Coombs Russell.

January 18: Mike LaRocco Sr.

January 19: Racer X Assistant Photographer Matt Ware.

January 19: Rocket Exhaust's Don Leib.

January 20: 1981 250 World Champion Neil Hudson.

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