Privateer Profile: Chris Blose

January 10, 2008 8:24am

While the Hahn brothers consumed most of the brother-duo hype in pre-season bench racing sessions, there is another pair of siblings that will be fighting them for positions in the Lites class this year. Chris and Michael Blose come from a racing family in Phoenix, Arizona. Their uncle, Chappy Blose, was a factory Kawasaki rider several decades ago and their family’s passion for motocross is being carried out by these brothers. Chris started out the 2008 season with a ninth-place finish last weekend at Anaheim 1,so we tracked him down for this week’s Privateer Profile.

Chris Blose finished ninth in the Lites class at A1.

Racer X: Good job last weekend. I think you had some people scrambling to figure out who #74 was.
Chris Blose: Yeah, I got a third in my heat right behind [Justin] Brayton and I got ninth in the main event. I was pretty stoked with my finishes.

What is the team you are riding for?
I ride for Fun Center Suzuki/Rockstar Racing. Greg Link is the team manager and he does an awesome job. The bikes are great and everyone on the team wants to do good this season so it is a really positive vibe under the tent. It’s the same team that used to go to the BooKoo Arenacross series so they have some experience.

Who is on the team with you?
My brother, Michael, and Brady Sheren are my teammates. We are all riding the West coast. Brady had some trouble at Anaheim and didn’t get in the main but I’m sure he’ll do better this weekend. My brother crashed in the first turn and ended up 14th in the main.

So, it’s the Hahn brothers against the Blose’s this year?
Yeah, I think we definitely got a battle on our hands. Michael is just coming around after having his ACL repaired. That was tough for him but I think he’ll get faster every weekend. The mud was hard for him.

This weekend is your hometown race in Phoenix. Do you like riding in front of all your family and friends?
Last year I crashed and didn’t make the main so hopefully this year goes better. I like riding in front of my hometown, though. It’s cool having everybody there that I know. We’re excited for the weekend though. I’m hoping to get a top ten or maybe even a top five; we’ll see.

Are you racing nationals this summer?
This team isn’t going but I’m going to get a bike ready and plan on doing them somehow. I want to go to all of them.

What are your goals for Supercross this season?
I want to be top ten in points at the end of the season. I think that is realistic for me. I think that is a good goal. It would be great if I could get a top five finish and with the bikes I have I think I can do it.

Who’s tuning the bikes?
Bill’s Pipes is doing the motors and RG3 is doing our suspension. They are the best bikes I’ve ever ridden.

Who is faster: you or your brother?
Everyone asks that. On any given day we are almost identical in lap times. I guess the guy that makes the least mistakes usually goes better that day. It’s pretty even.

Who do you want to thank?
Fun Center Suzuki, Rockstar Energy, Works Connection, VP, Sunline, Pirelli, Wiseco, RK, Boyesen, 661, RG3, Scott, Galpher, Fly, Tenten clothing, Hinson, Ambition Motors, Twin Air and Factory Effex are all of our sponsors. I also want to thank my mechanic Rob and our mechanic out here, Stitch. Also, I want to thank my parents and all of my family.