Birthdays from January 7 to January 13

January 6, 2008 3:45pm

January 6: Racer X avid reader, Rick Radford.

January 7: May LaRocco, Mike's mom.

January 7: FMX jumper Chris Denison.

January 8: Back in the nineties, Mike “Stingray” Craig was one of those fast guys to come out of El Cajon. Craig was always in the top 10 and in 1994, he pulled off the unthinkable, and won the Tampa Supercross.

January 11: David Pingree is a four-time 125 SX main-event winner. After his racing career started to spiral he decided to try his hand at writing (literally) for Racer X. He has one of the top columns in the magazine, Ask Ping, and isn’t too bad at racing Supermoto either.

January 11: Drew Brother's Customs, Rich Drew.

January 12: KBC’s Jennifer Lee.

January 12: Ken Joynt of DeCal Works.

January 13: Back in the early nineties, Mike Kiedrowski won four AMA National MX Championships. After retiring from motocross, Mike decided to take it in the woods and battle the best wood racers in the country. He raced the GNCC series for a few years with Team Suzuki and then moved over to the WORCS series. He had instant success and won two championships.

January 13: FMX rider Gary Robertson.

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