DNA Energy Drink - BTOSports - Rick Case Honda Introduces 2008 Transporters

January 2, 2008 11:26am

Though these photos are a few days behind, the 2008 BBMX semis got finished up and rolled out of Miami, FL, this past Sunday evening and began the 2700-plus mile treck to Anaheim, CA, for the opening round of the 2008 SX season. The semis will be the home of the 2008 DNA Energy Drink - BTOSports - Rick Case Honda team, with the Lites squad pitting out of one semi and the premier SX team pitting out of the second. 
2008 will mark the first year for the team to be operating out of two full semis, along with the teams entrance into the SX Lites class. We look forward to a long successful season for all team sponsors involved and would like to thank you all at this time for your support in making this team a reality.