Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge


Concept2 is having their annual January Virtual Team Challenge starting on January 1st , and for the first time they are going to have a Moto specific team.

The only requirements are that you Ride or Drive anything with 2 wheels, 4 wheels or a track, or ever have, or know anyone who does, or think you might want to, or like to watch it on TV. As you can see they are not picky! This is a chance to stay in shape and be part of one of the smallest (but coolest to work with) communities within Concept2. All you have to do is set up a profile on their online logbook using MXN as the country code (it’s at the bottom), email Greg Hammond your email address, first and last name as it appears in your profile so he can add you to the team, and then just enter the meters that you row during the course of the month of January. Your meters will automatically be included in the teams totals.

There is a lot of great racing going on in January and if you row while it is on TV you will be paying your dues to a better season next year  (plus lose the extra weight from all the Holiday food and drinks).

Here is the link to the challenge page. For all the details on the challenge. Here is the link to the online logbook to get started. Once you set up your profile, email Greg at and he will add you to the team. If you have any questions you can always call Tim.

We may not win but we have better toys then the other teams!

And if none of those links do it for you, then check out the featured article on Racer X Virtual Trainer (

It is never too late to join and currently team Moto Madness sits in 11th place.