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Dear Ping,
Do you know any Voodoo types who can put a jinx on all the ass***** at Youthstream? After the MX of Nations at Budds I ran home, reserved a cottage in N. Ireland for two weeks, bought the plane tickets ahead so the fares would be locked in, reserved a car ( although a small one ) and gave The Boss notice. I'm out 4 k unless I want to go and learn how to make goat cheese, or whatever they do there besides drink stout… Which I drank a lot of when I heard they canceled the race.

Dear Erik,

Man, sorry to hear about that. My friend knows a gypsy lady in Long Island that talks to the clouds. She’s a real piece of work but every once in a while she’ll freak you out with her accuracy. I’ll see if I can get her to help out. Those fancy-pants guys that run YouthStream might have designer suits, Inspector Cloussou accents and small, well-manicured beards, but they still have to get the job done when it comes to booking a solid date that fans travel all over the world to watch. They’ll probably say that it wasn’t their fault that the Irish facility didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, and that might be true, but isn’t it their responsibility to make sure they pick a venue that will? Why not just move it back to Matterley Basin in England? Oh wait, that place is pretty much gone too. Maybe those people that are hoping these guys take over the U.S. nationals will start to see the cracks in their own façade.
       Erik, I suggest still going, but getting pissed in an Irish pub and trying to talk in an Irish accent the entire trip—the locals will never know. It helps me to picture the little Leprechaun on a Lucky Charms box. They’re magically delicious!

Hey ping
Hope you and your family had a good Christmas. I was reading an article on Josh Coppins and it said that he was ranked world No. 3 and two other Europeans ahead of him, how does that work? I could think of 5 or 6 better riders. Along with the des nations, wouldn't a race between the top five in both the 250 & 450 class from competitions around the world be a good way to get the true world rankings? Also why does Villipoto get to race the 250F again? Is it part of his contract? After watching him at the des nations i think he will be a real threat to Bubba (if Bubba can stay on the bike) anyway take care.
Paul Flewitt  
Wee Waa NSW Australia

Dear Paul,

Thanks for the letter. I’m just getting back to functioning again after coming out of a cookie-coma from the holidays. Like a trooper though, I grabbed a little hair-of-the-dog (sugar cookie with frosting) and now I’m feeling right as rain. That ranking you saw was probably propaganda put out by, well, you-know-who. Josh is an amazing rider, no doubt, and he was probably put behind Antonio Cairoli and Steve Ramon who both got their asses handed to them at the MXoN—the only event that sees the world’s best compete together. (Or maybe it was just the final MX1 rankings, as Josh was third behind Ramon and Strijbos after his injury.)
       Now, Josh didn’t get to race in Budds Creek this year because of his injuries, and I’m sure he would have been near the front. But I don’t think he would have beaten Ricky Carmichael or Ryan Villopoto, for that matter. The MXoN is the best race to judge each countries best riders because it is the only time they are on the track together. If you want a good idea of a global motocross ranking, just look at the MXoN results. And RV has to race Lites again because he had a three-year deal with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit. He’ll make the move up next year and I’m betting he’s going to put up a real challenge for James.


Hey David,
First, I must say I love your stuff man. ALL of it!! From having to validate who you are to some chick, or even the multi-personality disfuctional Ken (or Chad Reed) who you responded too last week, and this is what brings me to my question: You REALLY got unglued when the aforementioned asked about the purse holders and mirrors on the SuperMoto bikes. It's as simple as this; the purse holds all the cash you win for "racing" for a living one day a week. And the mirrors allow you to see how fast ass-cracks like that disappear on their second or third lap down. It all stems from envy. Even if they are to young to remember you best racing days. They just can not figure out why you get to do what you do.
       So in light of this info David, don't get you panties in a bunch over the small stuff. Keep telling people what you think though for sure, even me. I have typo's and mis spells and just don't really care though...I don't do it if for a living so?
       Anyway there is a lot of people that know you did good man, and some pud-waker in IA can't get to ya. I'll even send you another picture of you running second at the Unadilla National in ’94; I think Andy (Bowyer) and I figured it was 1994. Anyway almost ALL MX'ers would SuperMoto if they could. Climate or funds stop them that’s all. Keep up the great work. If I am not laughing, I'm bitchin’ about something from you column.

Dear Greenie,

Thanks for being a loyal reader; I appreciate that. I guess I got a little wound up last week by that guy, didn’t I? Well, it irritates me when people don’t respect other disciplines of racing. He was probably a motocross guy that thinks outdoor motocross is the only type of motorcycle racing that is worth watching. I just wish kooks like him would take the time to check out different types of competition. Road racing, hill climbing, trials, flat track and supermoto are all incredible to watch and do. I think anyone that limits themselves to one type of racing is really missing out. Thanks for sending the photo, also. I remember that start like it was yesterday, even though it was 1994. That was my second national ever and Ryno cleaned me out in one of the motos. I think it made a Terra Firma video. Anyhoo, that’s Jeff Emig, Craig Decker and Chad Pederson right behind me. Good times.

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