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Day 0 + 1  AXO

ALL NEW Off-Road boot from AXO

Just because we left a few things out, don’t think we didn’t add a few as well. The all new AXO Prime incorporates a unique Torsion Strut that allows the boot to flex forward and back without binding or restriction. The strut is held against the boot by the tension of the buckles and allows the compression molded ankle panel to follow the natural movement of the foot without folding or bulging. The 3D molded heel cup guards the back of the foot from impacts and also incorporates the new “Quick Shift” heel tab for “pro style” starts. All 4 of the buckles and bases are now floating and curved to follow the shape of the foot and help keep the buckles closed during aggressive riding. The open cavity molds used for the shin and calf repel impacts while the all new bonded 3 color sole and supportive PU molded insole grips the foot peg like never before.

So you see, while we did leave off a few of the old school features of the past, the Prime is not short on all the features of the new generation.

Unique features and benefits.

• The front edge of the rubber molded gaiter is contoured to angle towards the leg thus catching dirt and debris before it enters the front and top boot.
• A 3 color injection molded PU shin plate floats over the instep using AXO’s patented instep assembly method. A flexible TPR graphic insert is used below the shin plate which reduces friction on the instep when the PRIME is flexed forward or back.
• The ankle area of the PRIME is supported by 2 floating buckle housings which hold the unique underlying TORSION BAR strut firm against the boot reducing the injury causing rolling and twisting motion of the ankle and foot.
• The unique to AXO compression molded-expandable PU Rubber ankle construction panel stretches and contracts instead of folding and wrinkling like the more common vinyl materials used by others.
• All 4 of the Power Locking™ buckles and straps float on the exterior of the boot and reposition themselves to allow a better fit over a wider range of calf, leg and foot sizes.
• The supportive TORSION BAR Strut is secured to the ankle of the PRIME™ over the anatomic location of the ankle bone allowing the boot to flex forward and back while not interfering with the all new, and unique to AXO, compression molded expandable PU Rubber construction panel.
• Both the floating upper buckle straps are longer and offer a huge range of adjustment allowing a better fit for a wider range of calf, leg and brace or knee cup sizes.
• The Open Cavity design of the plastics used on the PRIME acts as a shock absorber actually reducing the force of an impact or blow to specific areas of the PRIME boot.
• The precision Power Lock aluminum buckles are secured to the boot through a compound curving supportive base that snaps the buckle into a secure closed position. Both the buckle and base are replaceable if needed.
• The toe box of the PRIME is constructed using a multi-layer design. Dual layers of a Fiber based material is sandwiched between the Top Quality leather outer and multi-cell foams and material backings.
• The bonded 3 color sole fully wraps over the front, heel and sides of the boot guarding it from abrasion and excessive wear. The sole is replaceable by AXO and features a supportive tempered metal shank and mid-sole insert.
• A 3-D molded heel cap surrounds the back of the boot guarding the heel from impacts and blows. A unique heel “kick” is also designed onto the heel cap allowing for a Quick Shift used for starts or a quick exit from the boot.

Suggested Retail. $ 274.99
Available in Black and White.

The 2008 AXO Performance race gear has once again set the standard for technology and performance. The all new TEAM ISSUE jersey is the first jersey to incorporate a “compression jersey” into the design and fit of the upper. In an independent study conducted by Penn State, compression "helps the muscle pumping action on the cardiovascular system to remove lactic acid from the muscles being exercised." The study also concluded compression aided the large muscles in retaining energy by limiting unnecessary motion helping reduce muscle pulls and muscle fatigue, increased proprioception, which is the ability to sense the position, location, orientation and movement of the body and its parts, which enhances performance and most importantly reduced muscle recovery times and muscle pains associated with exercise. The outer “vest” is constructed using a unique waffle weave Poly that holds the graphic color and flows cooling air to the body.

The 2008 Phoenix pant once again incorporates the “slipfit” knee and rear yoke system. The knee and yoke are suspended and act independent from the pant reducing the tendency of the pant to “creep” off the waist. Long panels of full grain leather cover the knees while the punched nylon and vented crotch keep things cool while in the heat of battle.

Team Issue jersey 
• Unique Compression jersey and outer vest construction
• Compression jersey improves fitness, lessens fatigue and controls core body temperature
• Outer “vest” is constructed from  a vented Waffle Weave material
• Fully sublimated graphics will not fade or peel
• Endless collar and cuff design
• Silicone printed tail with finished waist seam
• All construction seams are flat stitched to reduce irritation on the skin
• Unique Performance fitting with a TPR neck detail with transferred size and wash instructions

Available in Green/Black and Orange/Grey and in the SPRING, Yellow/Black and Blue/black.
Sizes: Adult Small – XXLarge. Suggested Retail: $ 59.99

Phoenix pants 
• “Slip fit” knee and rear saddle
• Knee pattern includes multiple panels cut and curved to creat knee “pocket”
• 3D Knee system includes a side vent which channels air to the knee
• Performance “S” racers cut pattern reduces bunching and pulling
• Airprene stretch is located over the top of the knee
• Genuine Full Grain Leather knees with a full length panel on the right leg
• Punched 600 D Nylon thigh panels, stretch mesh, nylon mesh and Ballistic Nylons
• Unique rear panel construction includes a PU coated saddle insert
• Stretch rib rear saddle with AirPrene V cut expander
• Waist stretch, silicone stretch inner waist band and sublimated silky liner
• Endless cuff will not interfere with boots
• Ratchet waist closure, TPR graphics and logos
• Sublimated Nylon outer designs, double and triple stitch construction

Available in Green/Black and Orange/Grey and in the SPRING, Yellow/Black and Blue/black.Sizes: Adult 28- 38. Suggested Retail: $ 179.99


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