Virtual Trainer: Loyalty, Character and Motivation

December 20, 2007 12:33pm

If you follow college football, then you might understand where my motivation for this weeks article comes from. If you don't, let me set this up for you. I am a loyal West Virginia University football fan and last week some things went on with the football program, specifically with the head coach, which sparked a fire within me and prompted this week's post.
       Instead of the usual workouts and diet tips, I decided to take this opportunity to address a topic that is starting to wear thin with me and that is people's loyalty and character, or lack thereof. I threw in motivation because although the Holiday season is a great time for some, not everyone shares the sentiment. Whether you enjoy the Holidays or not, getting to the gym and sticking with your training can be a challenge.
       In this article I'll explain why I think loyalty and character are very important in the sport of motocross and if you are lacking in the motivation department this Holiday season, I'll share with you some of the things that motivate me. This is my rant. Go to to read the complete article.