Christmas Countdown

December 20, 2007 8:26am | by:

Day 3 + 2  Acerbis

Vented Uniko Handguards- $38.95

Acerbis is constantly trying to improve its products and the Vented Uniko hanguard is a testament to this fact. After feedback from its professional riders, Acerbis realized there was demand fro a vented Uniko. In response to this demand, Acerbis is bringing the new Vented Uniko to market. With a large venting pattern strategically positioned to direct air flow past the levers and an improved mounting universal mounting kit, this handguard truly does represent performance. The mounting system allows the guards to be positioned independent of the angle of the levers.

Foot Peg Covers- $25.95

Developed upon request for Factory Team Kawasaki these foot peg covers are now standard equipment on James Stewart’s bike. The covers excluded mud and debris from the foot peg mechanism, ensuring the peg always returns to a horizontal position.

Rear Disc Cover- $22.95

This is the most advanced and innovative rear brake disc cover available on the market. Our unique mounting system utilizes an aluminum bracket that replaces the original bike’s wheel spacer. Easy to mount on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM.  Full Carbon Fiber disc cover also available.

Fender Kit- $45.95

Includes front and rear fenders in OEM colors. Fenders have the original factory color and shape.

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