Christmas Countdown

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Day 6 + 2  Skorbordz

Skorbordz Custom Hand Shields/Deflectors

Hand Shields/Deflectors have been on the market forever. Made with Ballistic Nylon outer shell with plastic backing for rigidity.  They deflect wind and mud during cold or wet conditions. They are universal mounting with hook and loop strap system for easy on, easy off. 

The problem with today Hand Shields/Deflector, they only come in solid colors, black, blue and red until NOW. Skorbordz has put style, design and color into the Hand Shield/Deflectors.  Pick from one of our five designs and add your name and up to 2 sponsors logo.

Skorbordz has put the bling into Hand Shield/Deflector and we always "Make Every Moto Count" with our custom ID system and pre-printed backgrounds

Retail $59.99/set

Custom Pre-Printed background

Does the dirt bike rider in your household have a favorite number? Of course! Not sure what it is? Easy! Take a quick peek at his or her bike the next opportunity you get, and presto, lucky number revealed. Now, call Skorbordz and order up a set of their pre-printed number plate backgrounds. Not only can these little babies be custom-ordered with six different design options and your number of choice, but you can even have a name printed on the top of the front number plate for free. Pricing starting at $49.99 

Custom ID Plates and Graphics

Skorbordz Custom ID Plates are a molded plate that fit onto the back of a chest protector, which provides a surface for you to lay down your name and number stickers. Each plate is custom molded to fit a particular make model and size chest protector. We have them available for almost every chest protector on the market today. For your custom name and number graphics, we have 7 different designs for you to choose from:  (Bold, Sting Ray, Daytona, Blade, Machine, Commando, Loud)

Your name, number and custom mold plate. 
- Choose a 2 colors or 3-color kit for $39.99
     -Chrome Kit $45.99
     -Skorbordz molded plate only: $12.95
     -Custom graphic applied $10.00

Leatt Brace Graphic Kit

Personalize your neck brace with Skorbordz New Full Leatt Brace LT graphic kit. At Skorbordz we recognized that every brace is adjusted to fit each individual rider perfectly. The problem is, they all look the same, and how will anyone know one from the other. Skorbordz new full LT graphics solves this by personalizing your brace so there are no mix-ups.  Also it looks cool too!

Pick from five designs, Grunge, Shredder, Plaid, Carbon fiber and Bar design. Each kit is designed with ten different locations for your name, number or sponsor logos!

Suggested retail…$49.99

Kits are also available in half kits for $24.99

Skorbordz SK 1 Semi Custom Graphic kits

Face it; if your bike doesn't look good it just won't be fast as it could. Okay, that's not entirely true, but having a good-looking bike definitely makes it more fun to go riding. Skorbordz offers a full line of Semi Custom Graphic kits for big bike and Mini's.  If you are looking for a full custom kit well Skorbordz specializes in that, call.

SK 1 Graphic Kit

Just add your name, sponsor and logos.

SK 1 Kit: This kit includes a Shrouds, Front Fender tip, Rear Fender kit, Lower Fork Legs, Airbox sticker, Arched Front fender sticker and a set of Swing arm sticker all customized with your choice of logo's or sponsors. Complete SK 1 kit only. $179.99 with No Set up fees.

Shrouds Only: This selection includes ONLY the Shrouds. We will add your choice of any sponsors logo or company name to our Gusto shroud design. $79.99 with No Set up fees.

Trim Kit: Includes a Front Fender tip, Rear Fender kit, Lower Fork Legs, Airbox sticker, Arched Front fender sticker and a set of Swing arm sticker all customized with your choice of logo's or sponsors. Complete Trim Kit only. $119.99 with No Set up fees.
Pre-prints Only: SK I pre-print with you background color and number. $59.95

No "design" modifications are available on the Gusto Custom Kits.

No set up fee for industry standard logos or plain text. Custom logos may involve a set up fee.

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