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Day 7 + 2   Factory Connection

SHOWA Fork Compression Adjuster Tool
Factory Connection designed this tool for Showa Twin Chamber forks to allow for quick and easy adjusting of your fork compression settings. Many CR, CRF, KXF, RM and RMZ riders whom have Showa forks and use oversize bars and different bar clamps find it difficult to adjust compression damping with a normal blade screwdriver. Installing permanent style adjusters collect mud and leave marks if removing when selling the bike.  FC’s tool is machined from high quality 6061 aluminum, features a stainless steel blade tip for durability and is anodized RED for that trick look. Bring it with you to any track just like Factory Connection technicians.  

Price: $39.95. 

Fits: 97-08 CR250, 04-08 CRF250R/X, 02-08 CRF450 R/X, 06-08 KXF250, 01-07 RM125, 04-08 RM250, 07-08 RMZ250 05-08 RMZ450 

Showa “Team” Works Shock Remote Reservoir
Factory Connection is always leading the way with innovation. This product was developed, tested and currently used by the Factory Connection Honda team with riders like Josh Grant, Trey Canard, Dan Reardon and Jake Weimer. The increased nitrogen volume along with moving the nitrogen away from the high temperatures of the exhaust reduces shock fade. The reservoir provides approximately a 20 percent reduction in pressure which allows for much more compliant feel in the shock. This is an FC Exclusive Elite Specialty Product, which means it is ONLY available thru Factory Connection with a re-valve of your shock.

Price $249.95 (plus installation)

Fits: 06-08 CRF250, 06-08 CRF450, 06-07 RMZ450, 08 RMZ250, 08 KXF250 and more coming soon!

Yamaha Works HD Bump Rubber Kit
Factory Connection’s Works Heavy Duty Bump Rubber kit for Yamaha’s provides many advantages. A longer bumper rubber is utilized and stronger material compound gives the shock a more progressive feel. The special cup design allows for improved moisture drainage helping to improve the longevity of the bump rubber and shock shaft. Better bottoming resistance for MX, AX and SX!

Price $109.95

Fits: 07-08 YZ125/250, 07-08 YZ250F/YZ450F

Honda CR/CRF Aluminum Billet Shock Linkage
Factory Connection / Honda uses and endorses this pure performance item. Machined from 7075 aluminum, it’s special design absorbs hard/big hits better than the standard linkage.  Improved linkages curve and specially designed machined relief provides improved rear wheel contact with the ground and traction. No special re-valving is required, 2 models to choose from along with a Factory Red anodized finish.

Price: $399.95

Fits: 05-07 CR125/250, 05-08 CRF250R, 06-08 CRF250X, 05-08 CRF450R/X

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