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Day 8 + 2  KTM

KTM/Leatt Neck Brace

The KTM/Leatt Neck Brace is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is partially coated with a soft, impact-absorbing foam. Developed by Dr. Chris Leatt (South Africa), this brace is the latest in protective riding gear and its state of the art technology can effectively help prevent Hyperflexion (extreme forward head movement), Hyperextension (extreme rearward head movement), Lateral Hyperflexion (extreme sideways head movement) and Axial Loading (compression of the spinal column due to the effect of force on the helmet). This innovative brace works with most types of body armor and chest protectors and is compatible with all motorcycle helmets.

Carry Moto Bag with Wheels

A versatile bag with storage for all of your gear. New design features off-road wheels and retractable handle making for easy transport. Capacity: 7,900 Weight: 10 lbs.

3-IN-1 Team Coat

Look like a team member in this waterproof heavyweight coat. This coat features a removable liner that also doubles as a lined fleeced jacket. Jacket includes inner pockets and adjustable cuffs. 100% nylon shell.

Anti-Hopping Clutch

Heavy braking, especially leading into a turn, can lead to unnerving chattering at the rear wheel. Experienced supermoto riders overcome this problem with a gentle pull on the clutch lever, thereby reducing the transference of this force to the rear wheel. Resourceful engineers have come up with a solution: the Anti-Hopping clutch. It works by using softer springs and is consequently much easier to use than conventional clutches. A complex mechanism using angled layers for additional friction was developed to prevent clutch slippage. Under engine load this system generates additional pressure on the clutch plates, but when over running the clutch is able to slip. While braking, the rear wheel maintains optimal contact with the road surface without the rider having to concentrate on the clutch. At the same time the rider save a lot of energy and spares himself the discomfort of a cramped forearm.

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