Virtual Trainer: David Bailey Interview

If you have been around motocross for any length of time, then our next guest certainly needs no introduction. For you youngsters out there who may not know, David Bailey was a champion in the early '80s and today is one the most intelligent and respected people when it comes to teaching the skill of riding a motorcycle and how to train for MX. Although DB's career in motocross was cut short due to injury, his career as a world-class athlete certainly was not. David was toying with triathlons before his accident and excelled in them once he could no longer ride. In this interview he talks about the aftermath of his compelling Leatt Brace interview, explains why he thinks that skill on the bike is more important than training in the gym, and gives his insight on whether he thinks his training regiment from back in the day would hold up in today’s faster more explosive pace of professional motocross. He also sent along some very cool retro pics. Go to to read the complete interview.