WORCS 2008 Preview

2007 Highlights:

With a little less than a month away, the fever is starting to kick in.  WORCS Racing has become the premier Off-Road Racing series and it just keeps getting better.  2007 gave us a great series in both ATV & Bike with two riders capturing their 1st WORCS Pro Championships.  Factory KTM/Red Bull rider Kurt Caselli wrapped up the bike series at the final round, while Can-Am’s pilot, Josh Frederick secured the ATV title in Pismo Beach at Round #9.  The series saw a 15% strong growth last year from the previous 2006 season and projections look to be even higher for 2008.  WORCS Racing owner/promoter Sean Reddish- “The manufactures have seen the potential that this series brings to the table.  We have had tremendous growth and gained more popularity over the past two years than I ever thought it would.  I knew we would grow, but how fast I wasn’t sure.”  The series has been noticed world wide, by both magazines and television.  Cycle News, Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, ATV Rider Magazine, Dirt Wheels & Racer X have been contributors on the freelance side, while the internet has introduced WORCS on all the major motocross sites which include racerxill.com, transworldmotocross.com, cyclenews.com, atvriders.com.  WORCS Racing took on full length video production half way through the season, casting the races on www.worcsracing.com, while the Pismo Beach round saw a visit from world renowned photographer Simon Cudby from www.racerxfilms.com.  At round #2 the bike series was visited by Grassroots Racing and was seen on the Versus channel, a National televised series. 

What’s new for 2008? 
WORCS will reduce from 12 rounds to 10 on the bike series and 10 rounds to 8 on the ATV side.  This all in part of establishing a quality Off-Road series on the west coast without burnout; something the factories and riders have been dealing with for the past two years.  WORCS will host a three round Pit Crew challenge on both series.  On Saturday evenings at selected rounds, WORCS will set up a Pit station on Pro pit row.  And exactly how it sounds, crews will sign up at registration and WORCS will have a pit stop challenge.  Things to look for will be a goggle change, fuel fill, lever change out, bike off & on the stand with a tire change, ect.....WORCS officials will over see this for judging and award will be given out as well as the tri-fecta Pit Crew Challenge award at the end of the year. WORCS Racing also has plans to set up an off-road trials type setting, similar to the Endurocross, where riders will take a shot at challenging courses set up at a stadium night venue. While not going full throttle on the track, Golf Tournaments will take place at Mesquite & Monticello. There will be no industry ride this year at Monticello, instead a Golf Tournament will take place at the local golf courses.  Look for exciting new add-ons for 08’.

Our riders:
     On the bike side- the reigning 2007 Factory KTM rider Kurt Caselli will be back on his orange 450 to try and make it two in a row, while former 2004-2005 National Pro Champion Nathan Woods has inked a 3-year deal with the FMF/Team Suzuki Off-Road and will make a run on grabbing the #1 title for the yellow crew.  2006 Champion Ricky Dietrich will run green again, his current teammate Destry Abbott will sit under the tent and new comer to WORCS, former 2-time 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion Damon Huffman has singed a two year deal with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team and looks to add an off-road championship to his mantle. 2007 rookie Justin Soule will stay with KTM & Bakersfield CCR rider & former 2001 AMA Rookie of the Year Bobby Bonds will be riding Kawasakis for 2008.  Ty Davis of Zip Ty Racing has changed to Suzuki and former teammate Bobby Garrison is rumored to be running his solo program for the Factory Yamaha squad.  Pro Circuit Privateer winner Matt Karlsen will return on Kawasakis.  Although no press release has been made, former SX/MX star Kyle Lewis is scheduled to be riding for Team Yoshimura and making his anticipated transition to the off-road side. 

On the ATV series, Factory Polaris/Eichner Racing’s Doug Eichner will be back on his Polaris Outlaws and trying to get back his 5 time WORCS Racing Championship reign.  Someone that will be giving him a run for his money will be the newly crowned Josh Frederick of Moapa, NV.  Josh has a new team this year with the Motoworks Racing/Can-Am. Josh was overcome with emotions at the End of the Year ceremonies and his actions spoke louder than words when he emphasized how grateful he was to win this year’s Pro Championship and that he had big shoes to fill following a long time run from the ATV World pilot Doug Eichner.  Temecula Motorsport’s Mike Cafro & Levi Marana will be back. Crowd favorite Timmy “TPQ” Shelman has accomplished his 2006 requirement and landed a single digit #8 where he will entertain us all on the ATV side.  John Shafe, Robbie Mitchell, Dustin Terry are amongst the rest to make appearances again for 2008.

The Future:
With the off-road racing growing and more factories starting to see the change, more Pro’s have turned to full time contracts and we will see new riders for the 2008 season.  Steve Achey of WORCS Racing who works on the business development side has spoke about big changes for 2008. “While final plans are still in the “WORCS”, details should be released soon.  Don’t be surprised to see a few familiar faces from the SX/MX past taking a shot at the off-road world.”  WORCS is also on the verge on launching its all new televised production for the 2008 season.  If you are on the west coast and have the need to take in some of the best viewing and likeable tracks, please come out and race with the best.  WORCS Racing also known as the “Fastest Racers on the Planet” will be sure to entertain and make a long trip worth while.  2008 registration is now open and riders can purchase their 2008 memberships and make plans for the upcoming season.  For more information on our series, visit www.worcsracing.com.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Reed-
WORCS Racing

2008 Motorcycle Schedule:
Rd #1- Phoenix, AZ
Rd #2- Mesquite, NV
Rd #3- Lake Havasu City, AZ
Rd #4- Auburn, WA
Rd #5- Hollister, Ca
Rd #6- TBA
Rd #7- Olympia, WA
Rd #8- Monticello, UT
Rd #9- Milford, Ca
Rd #10- Taft, Ca (Award Ceremonies)

2008 ATV Schedule:
Special Event: PIAA 8-hour Endurance: Jan. 12th, 2008
Rd #1- Phoenix, AZ
Rd #2- Mesquite, NV
Rd #3- Lake Havasu City, AZ
Rd #4- Auburn, Ca
Rd #5- Hollister, Ca
Rd #6- Olympia, WA
Rd #7- Milford, Ca
Rd #8- Taft, Ca (Award Ceremonies)

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