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Day 15 + 2 FMF Racing

Factory 4.1 natural finish / Factory 4.1 blue anodized

Retail price: 
SLIP-ON (stainless) – $424.99
SLIP-ON (titanium) – $499.99 
Full Mega System - $849.99

The Factory 4.1System with the Megabomb Header is FMF Racing’s premier performance exhaust system.  With 30 years of racing experience behind it, the Factory 4.1 takes advantage of everything we’ve learned on the race track.  The Factory 4.1 Megabomb System is guaranteed to produce more horsepower throughout the entire RPM range while the megabomb header reduces sound output as much as 1.5dB's. 

More power means better starts and less work getting around the track.  Reduced weight means better handling resulting in less fatigue at the end of a moto.  If performance is your priority, the Factory 4.1 is the only exhaust for you.
+  Horsepower gains throughout RPM range
+  The lightest full titanium system available
+  Advanced engineering and patent pending design
+  All models meet AMA 99dB sound requirement
+  Optional quiet insert (-3dB) and spark arrestor
+  Available in natural or anodized titanium

FMF Soft Touch Tie Downs – $29.95 (pair)
FMF’s Soft Touch Tie Downs feature the highest quality in material and design that you would expect from FMF.  Its unique carabineer buckle latches easily and securely onto any hook in your truck or trailer, guaranteeing a safe ride.  The built in soft strap extension not only allows the tie downs to fit any size handlebar, but also protect and eliminate any chance of wear.  No more buying separate extensions, the FMF tie down system has it all.  From its durability under any weather conditions, to its advanced design, these tie downs are just another example of FMF’s ability to stay above the competition.  (Works excellent for any model dirt bike, UTV, ATV or street application)

PowerCore 4

Retail price: 
SLIP-ON – $299.99 

The PowerCore 4 features many of the design and engineering features of our top-of-the-line Factory 4.1 exhaust - Factory Forward engineering, durable fixed mount, sleek formed endcaps and removable spark arrestor screen.

Although manufactured as a price point muffler, we didn’t cut corners on material.  We utilize aircraft grade aluminum for the canister and new fixed mount.  Strong, high grade stainless steel is used for the formed front and rear endcaps as well as the mandrel bent midpipe.

The PowerCore 4 is by far the best performing $300 muffler made.
+  Aluminum performance muffler with durable stainless steel components
+  99dB sound level with optional quiet insert (-3dB)
+  Use with stock or FMF header
+  Removable spark arrestor included
+  Easily serviced for repacking

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